Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flowerama AKA The One Where I Went To A Church

Every January St. Cecilia's in Midtown Omaha welcomes the general, heathen, non-catholic public to their annual flower show which morphs the already beautiful church into a floral paradise. I showed up around noon on a Saturday morning, camera in hand. Not to my surprise there were so many other amateur photographers in attendance, like me, who took pictures of everything, and yet nothing at the same time.

As I sat in the pew waiting for my group to get corralled to begin the tour, I was first impressed by the incredible beauty of the architecture inside the cathedral, only to be impressed secondly by the fast wifi network allowing me to tweet the following people-watching instances.

For the most part, I tried not to eavesdrop on other flower show attendees, but I was alone so I couldn't help myself. The best/worst conversation I witnessed this afternoon was between a young, fairly typical, albeit New Jersey, looking couple who, once we reached behind the pulpit the male began to describe how the Catholic iconography was the inspiration for his tattoos. By the third association all I could think was Man, does this actually work on some ladies? Lay OFF already DUDE. But in true fashion, I found these two were truly meant to be together when a few moments later Catholic tats gal loudly complained, "UGH, don't step on my Uggs!". 

So yeah, while the flowers were beautiful, I'm not sure it was worth the slow moving crowds. Maybe I went at a wrong time? Or maybe I just need to take a chill pill and better prepare myself for dealing with the general, heathen, non-Catholic public. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WO+SF Gimme! Gimme! List

With Valentine's Day being a mere two weeks away we decided to dedicate this week's Gimme! Gimme! list to different V-Day goodies. Whether you're single or in a relationship, we're sure that there's someone in your life that you can celebrate your love for. Don't have a sweetheart? Why not make some treats and cards for friends?  Hot and heavy with someone? Get them something special that celebrates your unique relationship. We've each gathered some V-day inspired items we'd like to have and give. 

Wise Owl Picks- 

v-day goodies

Sly Fox Picks-
Valentine's Day

Monday, January 28, 2013

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Well that was a busy, albeit kind of boring weekend. Outside of going to the flower show at St. Cecilia's and bridesmaid dress shopping, I spent a gloomy Sunday at Dundee Dell eavesdropping on a group of fantasy baseball players discussing their next year's rules and regulations, which was incredibly boring compared to what I've seen on The League. I guess at least I save some money, but probably not too much (I couldn't believe my Dundee Dell bill was $20 for one glass of wine and a sandwich, eeks!). 

Every Friday I look forward to the weekend, and then Sunday comes and I feel like I didn't really do anything. Oh how I wish I had more flexible work hours or could do four 10 hour days. Two days off isn't even close to being enough time to relax and get errands/cleaning/picture taking/reading all done. Sometimes I wish I was born into lots of money or that I was dating someone with lots of money, but hey, where would the fun be in that? Enough of my whining, it's Monday after all so here are some internet links to ease you into this work week. 
  • To start with, take this quiz on how well you know Clueless. I got 80% right, can you beat me? 
  • We LOVE Parks & Rec. We especially love Donna, the voice of sassy reason in the department. I'm glad she gets work outside of the show, especially when it's involving herself in a satire of women's marketing.
  • Speaking of women's marketing - here's a look at while we'll always buy anything related to Jane Austen. 
  • I almost cried about 10 different times reading the stories from  these three abortion providers and what lead them to providing the service of family planning and choice. 
  • A look into the private book collections of famous authors/reader? Yes please.  
  • I'm loving this Elie Saab couture collection. 
  • These animal prints are adorable. I could easily decorate an entire house in them. 
  • I'm a big fan on typography. I've dabbled in making my own fonts, and looking at these photos of places around the world complimented by some beautiful typography I want to make more. 
  • If you don't have any plans tomorrow night, head to House Of Loom for 90's Boy Band Karaoke
  • These grandmas rule. #12 is my fave, oh and #13 because this is how I hope to be in my elderly years. 

Happy Monday!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Jams #4

I just got back from a morning at St. Cecilia's for their annual flower show. It only took me two years to finally go even though I've always lived less than five miles away from the beautiful church. Check back later this week for more because I took a buttload of pictures. 

I also finally made it over to Greengo for lunch and ohmagod was it good. Their veggie sandwich is by far one of the best I've had in town. If you haven't made it down to the small environtmentally-minded restaurant on Park Ave, get down there soon because this place shouldn't go away.  

Son Of Rogues Gallery - "Shenandoah"
This is a Tom Waits / Keith Richards collaboration and I'm loving every moment of it. If I was a musician and someone approached me saying, "Hey, do you want to do a song for this pirate album I'm working on?" I would be worried that the entire thing would come off as a novelty, but Waits and Richards authenticate the sea life in this song and made me want to buy a house boat. 

Cloud Nothings - "Stay Useless"
This song takes me back to my high school/college punk-pop days mixed with a little garage rock sound. That chorus is just so damn catchy, I dare you to not bounce around your house while listening to it. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Wind Down / Wound Up

I literally didn't go anywhere or do anything last week due to having the sickness. This week, I've still been slowly recovering and my voice is still at only about 50% power, which is extremely frustrating since I talk on the phone all day at work. This weekend I'm looking to still take it easy, but also get out of the house and let my wings fly a little. :) For those of you also looking to get out this weekend, we've prepared a list of some fun things going on this weekend. As the work week winds down WO+SF and crew are getting wound up for the weekend.  

FRIDAY January 25
  • Finally, a Goo we can get behind: 'Fade to Grey' is a celebration of post-punk, new wave, and early electronic music. 
  • I have been seriously craving a cheese Runza the past few days and my stomach growled when I read Sarah Baker Hansen's recipe for Runza casserole.  Why not have some friends over for a chow down? Or screw friends and make this casserole for yourself to enjoy all weekend. 
  •  3D In Your Face is an 80's cover band that I've heard from friends is amazing. You can catch them tonight at the 21st Saloon. Don't forget to dress the part!
SATURDAY January 26
  • The Corner Creperie recently opened on 24th and Chicago Streets. Omaha never fails to disappoint with its food and I am extremely excited to check out the crepes at this place. I can only hope my taste buds are transported back to old Paris for a meal. 
  • Since the Corner Creperie is located right near the Joslyn, why not make a morning of it?  You can get into the Joslyn for FREE every Saturday from 10 to noon. PLUS, there are several new exhibits opening this weekend!
  • The annual flower show at Cathedral is this weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday. I always mean to go to this every year, yet I haven't made it since I was in elementary school. Oops. Hopefully this year will be my year! 
  • I've never been to a comedy show so maybe 2013 should be my year of firsts. If you're like me, you can catch some local improv at "Mega-Amazement Spectacular" at the Studio Gallery in Dundee.  
SUNDAY January 27
  •   The Waiting Room recently installed a new sound system and some new lighting and their first show with the new gear is tonight with Back When. 
  • We heard something about free crafting at The Sydney from 1-3 today. However, I cannot seem to find anything on the internet to confirm this. Take a chance and show up and if there's no crafting, you can always drink. And if there IS crafting, you can craft AND drink! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scouring & Devouring Omaha: M's Pub

Whenever my dad goes out of town on business trips (about two times a year) my mom and I get together for a girls' night and hit the town. Last Thursday we had the pleasure of eating dinner at M's Pub. Sadly, I had never been to M's Pub despite the fact that I have lived in Omaha since the age of 2, and my mom said she hadn't been there in a good decade as well. We were looking for somewhere "new" to go and settled on something that was new to me, and needed to be revisited by mom. It also seemed like a fitting time to visit M's as they recently celebrated their 40th anniversary.

(photo from
I really liked the atmosphere of M's - with the giant bar being the first thing you encounter - and the copious amount of mirrors that make the space feel so much bigger. As soon as we sat down my mom commented that the restaurant looked pretty much the same as it did 30 years ago. When our waitress came by my mom asked if they had a gluten free menu, which they did! Kudos to you, M's, a gluten free menu makes eating out with my mother much easier and she was pleased with the amount of choices she had, and even more pleased when the waitress informed her that all the specials for the night could be made gluten free as well.

Now, here's where I have to apologize because my food pictures are really lacking. It was one of those nights where I was eating dinner much later than usual and I was starving and we gulped down some food before I even thought to take a picture. Silly me. I CAN tell you that we started with the Thai lettuce wraps, which is something my mom and I like to try out at different places. M's had cubed grilled chicken, some sliced veggies, and two sauces to put on the wraps. My only caveat was that some of our lettuce was a bit limp, but by no means inedible. We definitely cleaned the plate.

For my entree, I ordered one of M's specialties - the Thai lahvosh. The lahvosh was amazing. My mom, the gluten free eater, thought it looked so good that she asked for a small bite just to try it. I am a big pan of Thai food and the tangy sauce on this lahvosh tasted like a bowl of Pad Thai. The cheese was gooey, the chicken was moist, and the veggies tasted fresh. My mother ordered the steelhead trout which was on special, and which you can sort of see at the top of my lahvosh picture. I did not take a picture of my mother's food because she laughed at me when I took a picture of my own food. My mom loved the trout, which came with vegetables and fingerling potatoes. She ate every last bite, while I took some lahvosh home to enjoy the next day. 

We also decided to go ahead and splurge and ordered the mocha fudge torte for dessert to split. This dark chocolate torte is flourless and thick and fudgy and rich and is topped with strawberry amaretto sauce. We were in heaven, it was love at first bite. I already want to go back and order some gluten laden items with someone else that my mom couldn't eat. If you haven't been to M's, don't be a fool like me, and wait 20 odd years to go! Go NOW!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WO + SF Gimme! Gimme! List

We realize this is a bit late in the month, but we thought we would dedicate this week's G!G! to 2013's official Pantone color - Emerald. For two strawberry-blonde, fair skinned and freckled gals you can imagine our excitement at this announcement, especially since last year's color was tangerine tango. TANGERINE TANGO PEOPLE. 

Wise Owl Picks - 
Sly Fox Picks - 

2013 Pantone Emerald

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Making Your Own Body Harness Necklace

At first, when I saw pictures of Beyonce and Rihanna sporting body harness necklaces, I didn't particularly like how they looked. Well, I liked how they looked on the beach in a bikini, but I wasn't sold on the idea that you could make a necklace like this work IRL. I did a little research and while looking at the construction of the necklace itself, I thought to myself "Well shit, I could do that". 

And "do that" I did. 

What you'll need - 
  • Chain. I just went up to Michael's because I wasn't too concerned about the quality. I ended up buying about 9 feet of chain which was just the right amount, only maybe under an inch and a half left over. 
  • Jump Rings. How many will depend o.n how many connections you want to make. I used about 14.
  • Leather. I looked around at some of Michael's pendants, but nothing caught my eye. What did catch my eye was a leather bracelet that I thought I would cut up and use instead.
  • Jewelry Pliers. These are a necessity in any jewelry makers kit.  
  • Scissors
  • Small Puncher. I bought mine at Michaels for $20

I started by cutting my leather into triangles to try to gauge the right size and shape. Then I used my handy dandy puncher to make holes in the leather. To attach the leather pieces to the chain, I used some leftover larger open jump rings I already had after making a friend's wedding jewelry. 

One of my favorite parts of making jewelry is the fact that you can reuse so many of the pieces you already have! And if nothing else, you can always break apart anything you already have and repurpose it in a new way. 

Essentially I eyeballed the length which is always a little risky. Luckily with a larger project like this you can definitely fudge it. Once I figured out the right length, I cut the rest of my connecting chain and went on to connect all of the pieces. All that's left is to use the remaining, smaller jump rings to connect the chain and the larger jump rings. 

Now, the issue with using open jump rings is that if you get the piece snagged on something the entire thing can break apart. I definitely don't prefer or recommend you use open jump rings, but  it's a quick and easy fix. A small soldering iron can be used to meld together the open metal once you've decided you like all of the placement. I wish I knew how to solder, I just don't have the money for an iron and well, I'm a little terrified I'll severely burn myself. 

I'm really excited to wear this, especially once the weather gets a little warmer. It's a funky way to accessorize an outfit and while I may never make it to a beach to wear it with a bikini, I'm sure I'll still get enjoyment out of it.