Thursday, January 3, 2013

Escape From Omaha - Alpine Inn

One of our favorite perks of the holiday season is the return of old friends. While it always reminds us how much we miss them, there's nothing quite like actually sitting down with them, face to face over a few drinks. Even though technology has made it easier than ever to keep in touch, I find that I still have to remind myself that these friends exist and that I should reach out and talk to them. Of course Facebook and every other form of social media is an easy way to cop out of your friendly duties by convincing yourself if you just "Like" their status updates then you're a doting comrade. Anyhoodle, for the past two weeks, some old friends who moved down to Austin came back to town and we decided to all meet up at the Alpine Inn just 20 minutes north of midtown. Yes, the drive is a little far, but as we found out, it's well worth the mileage.

I had heard stories of the Alpine Inn before. I imagined it to be a massive lodge like building where early birds eat baked potatoes and chicken. Boy was I wrong. It's a great little wooden cabin with large windows that overlook the forest and many, many raccoons.

The locals who patron the bar were very interesting looking, a little scary but they all ended up being very sweet. The staff there was great too. We were a large group so we wanted to move some tables around to accommodate all of us and the waitress actually helped us move everything around. She was quick to check up on drinks too which I always appreciate because hell, I'm out of the house so I deserve to treat myself.

You'll find signs all over the Alpine Inn outlining their rules and regulations, i.e. they're a cash only bar and I bet there were at least 10 signs denoting it, also there were signs advising if you wanted a split tab to tell your waitress upfront. Also there's this massive cooler which shows that they have Franzia on tap, so you know it's a real classy place.

Out back there's a small beer garden with benches and tables which would be great in summertime. Also, for those smokers out there Alpine Inn has a little smoker's room in which you can warm up against a heater and listen to 106.9. Both of which are very cool things.

Did I mention they have food there? Yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of chicken, but apparently their fried chicken is fantastic. Also on the menu were hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries, hotdogs and grits, all of which were incredibly reasonably priced.

The night we were there we saw some familiar faces. Our friends Joe and Teal got up with a few other singers to serenade us with some seriously layered  harmonies. 

So if you're ever looking to escape Omaha for a night, drive north to the Alpine Inn for the beers, foodz, and scenic views. 

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