Thursday, January 10, 2013

FIVE (35 in Human Years)

Today is my lovely Bebop's 5th birthday! I can't believe how much time has passed since this wonderful pup came into my life. Everyday I'm so thankful that I get to come home to such an adorable face, kind spirit, and unconditional love giver. Bebop and I have really grown up together - I graduated college and entered the corporate world while he knows not to run after rabbits or that we always come back when we put him in the kennel.

Bebop, less than six months old I believe?
Earlier this week I ordered him a cake from Three Dog Bakery and it turned out super cute. He devoured the first half I gave him in less than ten minutes which is no surprise to me since I ordered a cake with peanut butter frosting.

When I first got Bebop this is how he ate and drank his water. He was such a weirdo about his body. It took him forever to figure out how to walk up the stairs. I bet for the first month I had to carry him up and down, up and down the stairs from my room to the main floor. One of my favorite memories from our first month together was seeing him figure out how to jump up on the couch so he could be closer to us. He would rev up at the opposite side of the room and then run real fast toward the couch to suddenly stop at the last minute, flopping the front half of his body on the couch. Then we'd be left to grab him by the back end to hoist him up on the sofa. 

I took this photo after we moved to our new apartment. One day when I was off to class I put a pillow in his kennel because I thought it would make it more comfortable for him. Man, was I stupid. I came home to find a fluffed out kennel and my dog hiding somewhere inside. 

Another goofy thing he used to love to do was looking and playing with himself in the mirror. This didn't last too long though which was always kind of a bummer because it was so effing cute. 

Then I found this wonderful video that I took back in 2008. Bebop was just a few months old and I was moving into a new apartment because I got kicked out of my last one, well because I got a dog. I was pretty stressed out since I was just getting used to having this puppy around and then we had to move in a teeny window of time. As I remembered that time in my life, it got me thinking tonight about how time has changed so much. 

When I first got Bebop I thought I knew everything. I was confident but brash, I was thinner and still very naive. I was so hopeful though. I didn't have to worry about bills or rent or credit cards. I loved just going over to someone's house and watching a crappy movie and drinking buttloads of Carlo Rossi. I miss those days. Watching this video made me remember who I used to be and how awesome that girl was. Over the course of the next few months I really want to take some time to revisit what used to make me happy and what I used to dream about. I think sometimes when you're in a relationship for awhile you start to only think in "we" and while it's great for building a strong connection, I can't help but feel like maybe I sacrificed a little bit of myself to be with the one I love. That's not meant to be some ominous man my life sucks, boyfriend, ugh kind of statement because it's just true. As important as it is to be present in a relationship, I think it's equally as healthy to take a step back and remind yourself, hey, I'm a person too, what about what I wanted? I dont' know, maybe that's really selfish to say. Wow, that shit got deep huh? Jesus, I just wanted to write a fun post about my dog's birthday!! 

Bebop has been my best friend for the past five years and he's sure to be my best friend for five more to come! HBD BB!

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