Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flowerama AKA The One Where I Went To A Church

Every January St. Cecilia's in Midtown Omaha welcomes the general, heathen, non-catholic public to their annual flower show which morphs the already beautiful church into a floral paradise. I showed up around noon on a Saturday morning, camera in hand. Not to my surprise there were so many other amateur photographers in attendance, like me, who took pictures of everything, and yet nothing at the same time.

As I sat in the pew waiting for my group to get corralled to begin the tour, I was first impressed by the incredible beauty of the architecture inside the cathedral, only to be impressed secondly by the fast wifi network allowing me to tweet the following people-watching instances.

For the most part, I tried not to eavesdrop on other flower show attendees, but I was alone so I couldn't help myself. The best/worst conversation I witnessed this afternoon was between a young, fairly typical, albeit New Jersey, looking couple who, once we reached behind the pulpit the male began to describe how the Catholic iconography was the inspiration for his tattoos. By the third association all I could think was Man, does this actually work on some ladies? Lay OFF already DUDE. But in true fashion, I found these two were truly meant to be together when a few moments later Catholic tats gal loudly complained, "UGH, don't step on my Uggs!". 

So yeah, while the flowers were beautiful, I'm not sure it was worth the slow moving crowds. Maybe I went at a wrong time? Or maybe I just need to take a chill pill and better prepare myself for dealing with the general, heathen, non-Catholic public. 

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