Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Making Your Own Body Harness Necklace

At first, when I saw pictures of Beyonce and Rihanna sporting body harness necklaces, I didn't particularly like how they looked. Well, I liked how they looked on the beach in a bikini, but I wasn't sold on the idea that you could make a necklace like this work IRL. I did a little research and while looking at the construction of the necklace itself, I thought to myself "Well shit, I could do that". 

And "do that" I did. 

What you'll need - 
  • Chain. I just went up to Michael's because I wasn't too concerned about the quality. I ended up buying about 9 feet of chain which was just the right amount, only maybe under an inch and a half left over. 
  • Jump Rings. How many will depend o.n how many connections you want to make. I used about 14.
  • Leather. I looked around at some of Michael's pendants, but nothing caught my eye. What did catch my eye was a leather bracelet that I thought I would cut up and use instead.
  • Jewelry Pliers. These are a necessity in any jewelry makers kit.  
  • Scissors
  • Small Puncher. I bought mine at Michaels for $20

I started by cutting my leather into triangles to try to gauge the right size and shape. Then I used my handy dandy puncher to make holes in the leather. To attach the leather pieces to the chain, I used some leftover larger open jump rings I already had after making a friend's wedding jewelry. 

One of my favorite parts of making jewelry is the fact that you can reuse so many of the pieces you already have! And if nothing else, you can always break apart anything you already have and repurpose it in a new way. 

Essentially I eyeballed the length which is always a little risky. Luckily with a larger project like this you can definitely fudge it. Once I figured out the right length, I cut the rest of my connecting chain and went on to connect all of the pieces. All that's left is to use the remaining, smaller jump rings to connect the chain and the larger jump rings. 

Now, the issue with using open jump rings is that if you get the piece snagged on something the entire thing can break apart. I definitely don't prefer or recommend you use open jump rings, but  it's a quick and easy fix. A small soldering iron can be used to meld together the open metal once you've decided you like all of the placement. I wish I knew how to solder, I just don't have the money for an iron and well, I'm a little terrified I'll severely burn myself. 

I'm really excited to wear this, especially once the weather gets a little warmer. It's a funky way to accessorize an outfit and while I may never make it to a beach to wear it with a bikini, I'm sure I'll still get enjoyment out of it. 

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