Tuesday, January 1, 2013

NY Resolutions - Sly Fox Edition

So here we are at the beginning of a new year. Every magazine on the stands right now are selling advice toward achieving "the new and better you", implying of course that you're not already enough.  And while New Year Resolutions can be completely and utterly ridiculous ("this year I'm only going to drink three alcoholic beverages a week.") the act of setting New Year Resolutions is a therapeutic one. 

I do think it's important to set expectations for yourself and to revisit those expectations throughout the year. Keeping the lines of communication open within yourself will keep you in tuned to your passions, your dreams, and help you create a plan to achieve your best self. At least attempting to make a few personal changes can amount to more than you would imagine.

So here are a few of my New Year's Resolutions. Some are more vain than others, but I think all in all they will add up to a better Meghan. Take that 2013! 
  • Be a More Conscious Consumer. This year I want to focus on shopping locally and taking more responsibility as to where my money goes before each new purchase I make. I feel like I've been so wasteful this last year. Between wasting food and making impulse internet purchases, I need to take back control of my finances. I'd like to try a spending diet like this. First thing this year I'm going to sit down and eliminate my wasteful expenses. I also want to patron and donate to more local artistic projects. If not a monetary donation, I at least want to donate my time. 
  • Return to Vegetarianism. Eating healthier is a resolution you'll see on almost everyone's list. Instead of omitting a certain type of food (like fast food, pizza, or hamburgers) I think a better resolution is to commit to an eating behavior (like I'm not going to eat red meat or I'm going to go gluten free) will likely lead to a more successful goal. I've dabbled with vegetarianism many times, but for whatever reason it never quite sticks. This year I would like to recommit myself to eating meatless meals for at least three months. Then in April I will re-evalutate the goal to see if it's still feasible for me.
  • Take Bebop on More Walks. This resolution isn't just about me. 2013 marks Bebop's 5th birthday and I have to admit, I've been lacking recently on my doggy mommy duties. When I first got Bebop we went to the dog park in Lincoln every single day. We'd take long walks around the parameter and I'd watch him run around with other pups. More recently I've been relying on doggy daycare once a week to do my job. So this year I would like to take Bebop on at least three walks a week.

  • Bake More. I've always loved baking, but haven't had a lot of practice recently due to Cooper's complete disdain for sweets. I want to change that this year. I have no expectation that I'll turn Cooper to a dessert person, but I do want to make more homemade baked goods to give to friends and family. I hereby pledge to make one dessert each week this year. 
  • Be More Prompt. I feel like this past year I've had a lot of stressful moments / bad feelings because I've been late to appointments, work, dates, etc. It's stress I just don't need. Stress caused by my own laziness. This year I want to be more organized and prepared which will result in being on time more often. 
  • Say What I Mean. I'm the type of person who keeps a lot of shit bottled up. This year has been a testing one with friendships and my relationship with Cooper. We've all been through a lot and something I learned is that I'm a lot happier if I at least tell people what I'm thinking and how I'm feeling. Being straightforward is a trait that goes underrated. I'm taking control this year over my communication by being more diligent about what words I use. 
  • Try a 365 Day Project. I've always liked the idea of committing to one daily act for the entirety of the year. A 365 portrait project would be fun, but to be honest not a whole lot ever changes about my appearance. I don't dye my hair, I don't cut it very often, my makeup routine has been the same for years. I'd rather try a project to do with my city. Like take a picture of a building every single day. In fact, I think that's just what I might do. 

  • Wear More Lipstick & Drink More Coffee. I know, totally vain right? Wearing more lipstick was actually on my resolution list last year too. I really don't have an excuse for not keeping up with it. So I'm going to try again this year. Drinking more coffee probably seems like a weird resolution because it really wouldn't help me in any way. Honestly, I just want to stay more caffeinated and learn to appreciate the beverage more. Right now I prefer crappy, watered down coffee with a little creamer and that needs to change. At least once a week I want to try a new cup of coffee from a new shop in town. And think of all the work I'll get done!

And there you have it! It's not going to be easy, that's a given, but sometimes it's not about what you say you're going to do, it's about what you learn while you're out there doing it. 

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