Tuesday, January 1, 2013

NY Resolutions - Wise Owl Edition

I don't particularly like making New Year's resolutions because I have never once followed through with them. It's like starting a new semester of school where you are still excited about the classes and you vow to do all your homework on time and to NOT wait until the night before a paper is due to start writing it. I never followed through with those promises to myself either. Ughhh. Are you starting to see a pattern here? I guess that brings me to my first resolution:

  •  Following through... with a lot of things. With the promises I make to myself and to others and to not say I'll do something when I know in the back of my head that I won't do it. 
  • Make more food. Pack lunches for work. In an overall attempt to be healthier I'd like to make more meals for myself from scratch with real ingredients and move away from frozen and boxed meals that are full of chemicals. Blech. It sounds so horrible when I write it down yet I keep putting these things in my mouth. 
  •  Save money, become debt-free. I think this is something everyone wants and plans to do and is also something that a lot of people fail at. Like Meghan, I too need to eliminate my wasteful spending. I buy so many THINGS but in the meantime I have a student loan I could just be making extra payments on and get rid of once and for all. 

These are the main things I want to accomplish and in the interest of setting myself up for success I am keeping this list short and sweet. Of course there are many more things I'd like to change about myself and my life but you have to start somewhere, right? Happy New Year!

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