Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Priss Bliss + T. Franc

I'm the worst daughter ever, around 10 am I meant to call my mom to wish her a happy anniversary but sadly I did not get around to it until about 15 minutes ago. Whoops. My parents have been married 41 years today which is completely bizarre to me (that's so long!). They met in seventh grade when my dad saw my mom at a bus stop and they've been dating since they were 15. 

I'd like to think their's is a love that was always meant to be. If I've learned anything from my parents is that you have to find a balance in your personalities. My mom is incredibly kind and patient and my dad, well, his patience goes about as far as I can throw Bebop. My mom knows when to stand up to my dad when he's being a bully and my dad knows when it's important to let my mom make her own decisions. I feel so incredibly lucky to be raised by such wonderful people. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!!

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