Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Jams #1

A new year, a new tradition. I've always loved music, but I've been really lacking in researching and learning about new music these past few years. This year I want to go back to the 16 year-old Meghan who used to stop by Homer's three times a week in search of new CD's, or well, at least go back to the frequency of new music I used to listen to since most Homer's locations have disappeared and CD's are obsolete. 

So here are a few songs I've been obsessed with this week - 

Pere Ubu - "Modern Dance" - 
This song makes we want to get up and do the twist, and then thrash around in a giant, sweaty crowd. I love this old school punk feel. It's music you would hear at at a dirty dive bar in the 1970's, or at a night at Brother's Lounge. 

The Dø - “The Wicked & The Blind” 
I heard this band on this episode of All Songs Considered and immediately fell in love with lead singer Olivia Merilahti's voice.  The Dø kind of reminds me of Air since it's equally romantic as it is fucking heavy. I'm definitely going to revisit this song on a hot, starry night this summer (Oh summer, how I miss thee). 

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