Monday, January 28, 2013

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Well that was a busy, albeit kind of boring weekend. Outside of going to the flower show at St. Cecilia's and bridesmaid dress shopping, I spent a gloomy Sunday at Dundee Dell eavesdropping on a group of fantasy baseball players discussing their next year's rules and regulations, which was incredibly boring compared to what I've seen on The League. I guess at least I save some money, but probably not too much (I couldn't believe my Dundee Dell bill was $20 for one glass of wine and a sandwich, eeks!). 

Every Friday I look forward to the weekend, and then Sunday comes and I feel like I didn't really do anything. Oh how I wish I had more flexible work hours or could do four 10 hour days. Two days off isn't even close to being enough time to relax and get errands/cleaning/picture taking/reading all done. Sometimes I wish I was born into lots of money or that I was dating someone with lots of money, but hey, where would the fun be in that? Enough of my whining, it's Monday after all so here are some internet links to ease you into this work week. 
  • To start with, take this quiz on how well you know Clueless. I got 80% right, can you beat me? 
  • We LOVE Parks & Rec. We especially love Donna, the voice of sassy reason in the department. I'm glad she gets work outside of the show, especially when it's involving herself in a satire of women's marketing.
  • Speaking of women's marketing - here's a look at while we'll always buy anything related to Jane Austen. 
  • I almost cried about 10 different times reading the stories from  these three abortion providers and what lead them to providing the service of family planning and choice. 
  • A look into the private book collections of famous authors/reader? Yes please.  
  • I'm loving this Elie Saab couture collection. 
  • These animal prints are adorable. I could easily decorate an entire house in them. 
  • I'm a big fan on typography. I've dabbled in making my own fonts, and looking at these photos of places around the world complimented by some beautiful typography I want to make more. 
  • If you don't have any plans tomorrow night, head to House Of Loom for 90's Boy Band Karaoke
  • These grandmas rule. #12 is my fave, oh and #13 because this is how I hope to be in my elderly years. 

Happy Monday!

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