Friday, January 25, 2013

Wind Down / Wound Up

I literally didn't go anywhere or do anything last week due to having the sickness. This week, I've still been slowly recovering and my voice is still at only about 50% power, which is extremely frustrating since I talk on the phone all day at work. This weekend I'm looking to still take it easy, but also get out of the house and let my wings fly a little. :) For those of you also looking to get out this weekend, we've prepared a list of some fun things going on this weekend. As the work week winds down WO+SF and crew are getting wound up for the weekend.  

FRIDAY January 25
  • Finally, a Goo we can get behind: 'Fade to Grey' is a celebration of post-punk, new wave, and early electronic music. 
  • I have been seriously craving a cheese Runza the past few days and my stomach growled when I read Sarah Baker Hansen's recipe for Runza casserole.  Why not have some friends over for a chow down? Or screw friends and make this casserole for yourself to enjoy all weekend. 
  •  3D In Your Face is an 80's cover band that I've heard from friends is amazing. You can catch them tonight at the 21st Saloon. Don't forget to dress the part!
SATURDAY January 26
  • The Corner Creperie recently opened on 24th and Chicago Streets. Omaha never fails to disappoint with its food and I am extremely excited to check out the crepes at this place. I can only hope my taste buds are transported back to old Paris for a meal. 
  • Since the Corner Creperie is located right near the Joslyn, why not make a morning of it?  You can get into the Joslyn for FREE every Saturday from 10 to noon. PLUS, there are several new exhibits opening this weekend!
  • The annual flower show at Cathedral is this weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday. I always mean to go to this every year, yet I haven't made it since I was in elementary school. Oops. Hopefully this year will be my year! 
  • I've never been to a comedy show so maybe 2013 should be my year of firsts. If you're like me, you can catch some local improv at "Mega-Amazement Spectacular" at the Studio Gallery in Dundee.  
SUNDAY January 27
  •   The Waiting Room recently installed a new sound system and some new lighting and their first show with the new gear is tonight with Back When. 
  • We heard something about free crafting at The Sydney from 1-3 today. However, I cannot seem to find anything on the internet to confirm this. Take a chance and show up and if there's no crafting, you can always drink. And if there IS crafting, you can craft AND drink! 

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