Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bebop and The Couch

My dog is a certified weirdo and his pack sensibilities often out rule our coziness. Case in Point: If the man and I are on the couch for longer than 10 minutes, he'll come over, push his head under one of the couch pillows, knock it over and proceed to squish all 75 pounds of him on the couch. 

Sometimes he's able to contort his body, fitting into the gap without making us all re-situate ourselves, but on this particular Saturday he got up on the couch and just stopped and decided to face the wall. 

He finally made it back around but for some reason he decided to be kind of a jerk and lean all up in Cooper's biznass. I swear if he wasn't so adorable we wouldn't put up with this behavior.

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