Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy Blogiversary!

WOW. It wasn't until this past Wednesday that we realized it was our little blog's first anniversary. And what a year it's been! Honestly, we started this little blog as a hobby, and well, it is still just that but looking at where we started and where we are now, all I can say is this shit is only going to get better. 

It's been so fun looking back at everything we did this year. Sometimes, a year passes and you feel like not a lot has changed, but here there's literal proof of what we created and tried and how we grew. Man, now I see why bloggers do yearly wrap up posts, this is fun! 

So both of us sat down and looked back at 210 posts from 2012 and here's what we had the most fun doing -

February - First month of the blog and we picked the perfect time to get started because of one large snowstorm. UGH, just when I was forgetting that I went and saw Shame.  We pretended to be arty. Kerry had this great idea to do a piece where we went and compared two different local grocery stores (PS KJ we need to make those pizza pockets again soon). Finally I shared how I ended up with a funny labradoodle named Bebop

March - Kerry shared her own puppy love story. One of our  now favorite eateries opened in Benson. A big group of us traveled down to Kansas City to see Radiohead (yes, it was incredible). On St. Paddy's day we went to the Omaha Zoo because it was like 70 effing degrees out. We made these awesome t-shirts. 

April - This was actually a pretty boring month for us. It started to get really nice so we ate on the Upstream rooftop downtown. I shared my homemade pizza recipe. We got crafty with these homemade t-shirt necklaces

May - We had a blast dropping in these May Day baskets on our friend's un-expecting doors. Kerry went to Paris! And I went to Minnesota. Did I mention Kerry went to Paris

June - Kerry, Cooper and I went down to Taste of Omaha for the first time and had a lot of fun eating a buttload of different local foods. I shared my obsession with Alfred Hitchcock. We escaped from Omaha during an afternoon trip to Brownville, NE. Burgers at Stella's proved to be a summer favorite. 

July - Minneapolis showed us a great Fourth of July. We had a blast at the Lauritzen Gardens. This vegetarian tortilla lasagna was deelish. Kerry's birthday was a fucking blast because she got a BOUNCE HOUSE

August - I can't wait to go camping this year, especially if it was half as fun as this year's trip was. My smelly bruschetta recipe never fails to tickle my taste buds. Bottomless mimosas drew us to Mantra. We rocked out to this playlist

September - I went to Iowa for a great, but drizzly afternoon at a winery. I proclaimed my love for my main man on our anniversary. Our friend G got a very special present from us. During Omaha Restaurant week we were treated to a great meal at Blatt Beer & Table. Wedding season was upon us which sent me West for a beautiful wedding in Gering. 

October - Halloween got us in the mood to craft so we decorated Kerry's door and carved pumpkins. The Joslyn Art Museum had a beautiful screen-printing exhibition. I found this cool secret Omaha spot. I said goodbye to being 25. Then I had an incredibly delicious meal at Dixie Quicks.

November - I upgraded my bedroom wall space by making these taped frames. Kerry went to theAmerican Swedish Institute in Minneapolis (Man we went to Minneapolis a lot this year). Husker Football happened. In an event for the masses, we hosted a fun friends-giving dinner with decorations, drinks and of course food. 

December - We decorated Kerry's Christmas tree and put up her many, many Christmas decorations. Another great Benson restaurant opened. We baked a lot - salted caramels and butterscotch peanut clusters. We closed up the year the only way that made sense to us, with a party of course!!

We just want to say how happy we are that you've stuck around (or just discovered) our little site here. Don't be afraid to let us know what you think either!! 

If you want to follow us on that social media stuff we have a Twitter @WiseOwl_SlyFox and you can check our individual Instagram accounts: Meghan- @tropicoffrancis Kerry- @kerryjones

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