Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Scouring & Devouring Omaha: French Bulldog

This past Friday my parents, Cooper and I finally made it up to French Bulldog in Dundee. YOU GUYS it's sooooo good. Sorry for my low quality pictures, the restaurant gets pretty dark on the inside which makes for a great atmosphere, but isn't ideal for taking pics. 

With a great wine menu and an even more intriguing dinner menu, I could seriously see myself living here this spring and summer. French Bulldog is located in a great space, albeit a little cramped one. We ended up sitting directly next to a party of four women who just got louder the more wine they drank. Though, this was truly my only complaint about our visit there. We showed up around 5:45 and luckily were sat right away, though the waitress warned us they had a reservation for the table coming in at 7:30 which I really appreciate. Again, with the limited seating I imagine you have to make a reservation to have a table during the restaurants peak hours. Though the bar is a nice option for those of us that want to just drop in for a quick bite and drink.

We ended up trying their meat and cheese plate which included three meats and two cheeses. The meat menu was a little daunting just because I don't know what I'm looking for. The descriptions were very helpful and we chose three salamis, though all were very different. My dad also tried their soup of the day which was butternut squash.

As far as cheese went I was pretty impressed with their selection which ranged from soft cheese like chevre and brie to harder cheddars and blue cheeses. We ended up with a white cheddar and a Maytag Blue Cheese which comes from Iowa. Both were delicious especially when paired with the homemade mustard and jam. The mustard was perfect, I like a tart mustard and there was definitely a hint of horseradish. The jam was extremely fresh and sweet which was best complimented with the blue cheese.

For dessert we had Bavarian Cream with raisins, walnuts and a oatmeal crust. It was a perfect ending to the meal, and even Cooper, non-dessert believer, ate his portion

Oh, and my mom totally rules because she brought me a Valentine's day gift and she topped it with my favorite spring treat - a Cadbury egg. I know spring isn't too far away when these start popping up in stores. Huzza!

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