Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Time Goes By, So Slowly*

There are a few accessories everyone will tell you you need to have - a cocktail ring, a great pair of hoop earrings (or maybe I'm just remembering that from Mean Girls?), a statement necklace, but for me it's always been about having a nice watch. 

I grew up a bit of a tomboy. To this day I still prefer wearing jeans, a graphic tee, a cardigan and some Keds but alas the older you get the more you have to expand your wardrobe to include nice dresses, tights, skirts, etc. It sounds so silly, but sometimes I get a little depressed that I can't dress "my way" at work because of the dreaded term Business Casual. Honestly, when I go to work I don't feel like myself, I feel like a phony, a poser, someone trying to fit into this corporate mold that obviously just doesn't fit (it's too long in the crotch). But the one thing that does make me feel like myself again is picking out a watch each morning. It's the one accessory I never leave the house without. If I do then I'm stuck phantom checking my watch all day long which inevitably just makes me look like a crazy person, "Yes, it's half past eleven-bluh-glock, God bless". 

Maybe my watch obsession comes from a more personal place. My grandfather owned a bank and when I was little I remember the one status symbol he was so proud of was this massive gold Rolex. When he died my father inherited the watch which makes public appearances on very rare occasions. My dad doesn't particularly like wearing it because he thinks it's pretentious and a little gaudy but God help me, I will go Mr. T all over everyone's asses in a heartbeat. 

Anywho, I thought I'd chronicle my currently owned timepieces for both my pleasure and yours. Mostly mine though because I'm trying to fight the urge to invest in another one with my tax return money. FIGHT THE URGE MEGHAN. 

This was the watch that started it all. It became mine after a Thanksgiving trip up to Minneapolis when I was about 16. I wanted something simple, small, and gold. It took me awhile to get up the courage to wear something this gold but sometimes you just gotta commit to being a badass and make it work.

This Raymond Weil watch is the most expensive watch I own, and the one most close to me because it was my dad's. It's a larger watch but I love the more masculine style. 

This is just a cheap-o watch I got a New York & Company. I really liked the gunmetal color and the mini-clocks on the face, but you always get what you pay for - the underside coating of the band here is starting to wear away. Still, I break this guy out if I'm going out and want to feel a little "edgier" because of it's dark color and chunky appearance.

This rose gold Fossil watch was one of my first high-priced accessory purchases. I love this color with its hint of pink. Now, the only disappointing part is that the underside of this band is rubbing away too :( 

This is a watch I bought during  an Andy Warhol sale at Fab.com.   It has a rubber band which makes it perfect to add to any casual outfit. I like that it's super minimal but I have to admit, it's a little tough to read without numbers, which I realize makes me sound super old. 

Who doesn't love a good personalized accessory? I bought this watch during a sale at Urban Outfitters. I felt super lucky because M was one of the only letters left and it's part gold so how could I resist. 

This watch is very special because it was a gift from Kerry AND it's a picture of Bebop. Kerry found this great website where you can customize a watch to include one of your Instagram photos! Best Christmas Gift Ever!!

This last watch is the one that garners the most attention. I was very lucky to receive this as a gift for being a bridesmaid in my beautiful friend Samantha's wedding. Sam is very ecologically minded, using only organic products that have never been tested on animals. Her tastes (and mine) were reflected in this gift, a wooden watch. You can't believe how light this thing is. When I wear it I often forget that I have a watch on at all until someone stops me to ask what that is on my wrist. 

So there you have it! Collecting can be a dangerous habit, so editing and knowing when to stop is incredibly important. I mean have you guys ever watched an episode of Hoarders? That shit is disgusting. There are definitely some watches out there that I still pine over and you can find them over here. Do you collect anything?

*Yeah, you gotta remember that Madonna song. God I loved dancing to that back in 2006 (I still enjoy busting it out every once and a while now). 

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