Monday, February 18, 2013

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Happy President's Day y'all. Both Kerry & I are extremely jelly of any of you out there who don't have to go to work today. In case you're in the same boat as us, here's some internet linkage to help pass some time this Monday morning. 
  • Start off your week by watching this short film dreamt by a 6 year old. It's likely the most adorable thing you'll see all week. 
  • Check back later this week for a little NYFW wrap up. Until then, you can browse these beautiful pictures from Fashion Week. 
  • Speaking of Fashion Week, NY Mag put together a great little slideshow of celebs attending Marc Jacob's runway shows over the past ten years. Damn Lil' Kim, what happened to you??
  • Damnit, I'm definitely irked that I didn't see these RuPaul's Drag Race and Law & Order:SVU Valentines before Feb. 14th. 
  • OK, so normally I hate, HATE, internet sensations i.e. planking. BUT I have to admit this Harlem Shake thing that's going on right now is actually pretty funny. I especially enjoy this version from the cast of Happy Endings. 
  • Niether Kerry nor I are above getting sucked into the sensationalism of pop music/culture. Translation - yes, I will probably at least attempt to watch that Beyonce documentary. Luckily, it doesn't sound all that bad, here are 15 new things we now know about Queen Bey.
  • This picture series of artist Carra Sykes and her mother is equally fun and adorable.
  • We need to bring back some of these obscure punctuation marks.
  • These collages are awesome. 
  • I'm totally obsessing over this fashion spread from Vogue Australia. 
  • This is absolutely disgusting. 
  • But this will redeem the above
And here's a little snap from the Dim Light show on Friday

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