Friday, February 1, 2013

Wind Down / Wound Up

IT IS FEBRUARY! FEBRUARY!!!! That is so insane to me. I'm still not used to the cold, my Christmas stuff is still decorating my house, and I feel like New Years Eve just happened, like, last week. I guess that's what happens when you spend 2+ weeks sick/in hiding - the rest of life moves on even if your ass hasn't moved off the couch. I AM excited for this weekend though since I haven't been out OUT in eons, and because we're celebrating our 1 Year Blogiversary with a "fancy" homemade meal and then we will be making sweet, sweet love to...a bottle or two of wine. We may have plans but we've composed a list of awesome stuff going on in Omaha this weekend for your perusal! As the work week winds down, WO+SF and crew get wound up for the weekend.

FRIDAY February 1
  • We can't NOT mention Benson First Friday. We love how there are so many participating restaurants and bars that have come together to offer discounts to BFF goers as well as to support local artists by displaying their art. It's even worth driving around looking for a parking spot for 10 minutes. Probably.
  • Also going on in Benson is Ladyfinger's third album release show with The Seen & The Hussies. 
  • First Friday isn't only  happening in Benson. Head downtown to House of Loom for an Art Party to support the Women's Center for Advancement, a great cause to support.
SATURDAY February 2
  • Prepare yourself for the Oscars by heading to Film Streams, where you can see this year's Animated Shorts and Live Action Shorts, starting this weekend. I've always wanted to go see these but I never do. I say that a lot. :( 
  • I've never been to Groundhog Prom, but it always sounds fun and I haven't been to Sokol Auditorium in ages. Wear something delightfully tacky and get down to local bands The Bishops and The Mercurys. 
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show is playing at the Dundee Theatre and it's always a great show, with people acting out the movie along to the movie. Don't forget to bring your rice and toast!

SUNDAY February 3
  • Uhh, just realized, it's Super Bowl Sunday. I am in it for the food, the commercials, and of course, the Puppy Bowl. I wonder if Downton Abbey will still be on... 
 Meghan and I decided we NEED these sweatshirts. We're thinking these will be our presents to ourselves to celebrate our big anniversary.

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