Thursday, April 18, 2013


I realized that I never really wrote anything about  my cruise even thought it was over a month ago now. We went during the first week of March and I was really hoping winter would be over when we got back. Little did I know, winter would drag it's ass out so long. Our tour was on Princess Cruise Lines (not Carnival!), and we went to the Eastern Caribbean. This included St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and Grand Turk. We were supposed to stop at Princess Cays, owned by the cruise company, but the wind prevented us from doing so.

The boat left from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, so we got to spend two days there, a day before the cruise and a day after. We had a hotel right on the beach, which was wonderful for us land-locked folk. We spent most of our time walking on the beach and eating seafood.

 The next afternoon our boat, the Ruby Princess, disembarked! This is my "I'm on a boat!" face! Turns out, cruise boats are HUGE.

 So these are the only two pictures I took of the actual cruise boat. This is the galleria that has two spiral staircases, bars, shops, a casino, and restaurants on each floor. The best part of the boat is that there is literally something to do at every hour of the day. I think I counted six pools total on the boat, not to mention hot tubs. There is an outdoor moving theatre, an indoor movie theatre, restaurants, buffets, bars, nightclubs, kid's areas, adults only areas, and activities going on all the time. Or you can just chill and walk around the promenade or sit on your balcony and whale watch. Unfortunately I got a bit sea sick, just generally feeling a bit queasy, but the rest of my family was fine.

 Even though the cruise ship was fun, being on the islands was without a doubt my favorite part of the cruise. The beaches and the water there are absolutely beautiful. The water really is bright blue and teal, nothing like I'd ever seen on the beaches in the U.S. before.

 Because we did so many water activities I couldn't take any pictures for fear of my camera getting wet. However, this is a picture of St. John, a small island off of St. Thomas, that I took from our catamaran ride.

These beautiful pictures are both of Grand Turk, where we went power snorkling for most of the day.
If you go on a cruise, be prepared to have your picture taken a million times and then charged up the ass if you want to buy them. This is my favorite family photo from the cruise! Next week, I'll share some of the underwater pictures my dad took with his camera.

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