Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Denver Pt. 1

On Easter Sunday, Cooper and I packed up and left for the west, Denver more specifically. 

Day 1 we mostly stayed downtown, shopped at the H&M, got pizza at Two-Fisted Mario's for  lunch 

Later we went to a swankier part of Downtown Denver and got champagne cocktails at Corridor 44 which was one of the cutest bars I've ever been in.

We saw this sweet hearse outside

We walked across the street to a wine bar that had a deal where if you bought a bottle of  wine you got a free pizza. We opted for the pear, honey, gorgonzola. Deelish

The coolest thing was that the wine bar actually did wine flights. Our flight included three different Spanish wines. 

Coming Up: City O' City vegetarian deliciousness and NICK CAVE

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