Thursday, April 11, 2013

Denver Pt. 2

Here's a quick peak at the rest of my recent Denver venture

While I was missing Bebop like crazy, my friend who we stayed with had this meaty giant to tide me over. Say Hi to Duke y'all

On Tuesday we had a delicious meal at a restaurant called The Populist. It was cozy like Lot 2 is here in town. One of my favorite things about Denver dining that I always forget is their proclivity for family style meals where you order 3-4 dishes and share amongst the table. We ended up sharing a kale salad, a chickpea salad which had the most delicious tahini dressing, short ribs and egg and bacon puree dish.

They had a really cute cocktail menu too

After dinner we stopped by Whisky Bar where I finally got to try Four Roses. This bar actually does a big Whisky tour a la Old Chicago. The night we where there we saw a lady finish the tour and she held up a list of about 50 whisky's. Apparently prizes include a t-shirt, your name on a plaque and gift certificate

The day of the Nick Cave show Cooper and I started by visiting City O' City, the single vacation event I was looking the most forward to. 

I got the City O' burger and Cooper got the Seitan Wings which we heard were a must have. And indeed they were. 

After lunch we stopped by Buffalo Exchange where I found a $13 H&M dress and a cool alleyway

Later we passed by this apartment building that reminded of a set in Vertigo

Before the concert we stopped by Broadway Street and a wine bar called Sketch

Then Cooper lived out his Denver dream when we went to TRVE Brewery and I've never seen him so giddy in my entire life. It would have been so pathetic if it wasn't so adorable

The Nick Cave show was AMAZING. I cried like 5 times and I feel so lucky that Cooper and I got to share this experience together 

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