Friday, April 26, 2013

Wind Down / Wound Up

It finally feels like Spring, and it's amazing! This year's weather has taught us not to take it for granted and we plan on worshipping the warmth and the sun all weekend. It's time to start doing some yard work, taking the dogs for longs walks, and, one our favorite past times, PORCHING. Oh yes, we will porch (or deck, or patio) it up this weekend. As the work week winds down, WO+SF and crew are getting wound UP for the weekend!

FRIDAY April 26
  • Check out some local art, poetry, and music at Greengo tonight.
  • If you are looking for even more poetry, hit up the Petshop in Benson for their monthly reading series.
  • BONUS: After the reading, hit up the copious bars in B-town. 
  • Whoa! It's Arbor day! If you feel like taking a little drive, head down to Nebraska City for their annual Arbor Day Festival.
  • My friend Abby invited me over for a little camp fire action which I am way excited about. This is the perfect weather because it's still getting chilly in the evening, but not so chilly that a little fire pit can't warm you up. If you have a fire pit or know someone who does, make an evening out of it with drinks, dinner, and s'mores!
SUNDAY April 28

Enjoy this gem and have a great weekend!

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