Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Jams #13

I have returned dear readers. My trip to Colorado was incredible, but as I sit here now, back in my house in Omaha I can't help but wish for more time off, more time to jump in the car and explore. Alas, adulthood and financial responsibilities sink back in. My return to work on Monday is something I've been trying to avoid thinking about, but just when I'm enjoying the freedom to drink before 5 pm I remember I have to go back at some point. Bah, anyways, here we are on a beautiful Saturday and I hope you enjoy these two songs to go along with whatever you got planned today. Enjoy the sunshine!

Savages - "She Will"
This was a song we heard on a podcast on our way to Denver and it was one of the most exciting new songs we heard all trip. I'm a big post-punk fan and just when you think there isn't much more to do with the genre, the Savages came along with this beautiful song. Now, we'll have to wait until May for the full album to come out and needless to say I'm very interested in hearing a full album from this band. 

ON AND ON - "Ghosts"
Can't you just see yourself laying in an open field on a warm breezy summer day while listening to this song? This is a perfect, leisurely Saturday song. 

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