Thursday, May 16, 2013

DIY Summer Vest

It wasn't until the summer after Cooper and I started dating that he broke this little number out for the season - 

I probably made fun of him when I first saw this fashion choice but within hours the vest had grown on me. Cooper wore his vest almost everyday that first summer we were dating. It was also the year he brought back the sleeveless tee. It made such an impression on me, early last spring I decided I wanted to make my own jean vest. Yeah, it took long enough but I finally finished my version and I couldn't be happier with it.

So I found this jacket at a South O thrift store for $7. I went home and immediately cut off the sleeves. It wasn't until this year that I figured out that I wanted to dye it a different color. Walmart actually carries fabric dye and it's only about $2.50 a bottle. 

^^Tool you'll need (ps don't use a paint stirrer because it stinks)^^

^^Bebop Butt Photobomb^^

First I set out to dye the vest black, but the store was out of that color so I opted for a dark red, "Vino" I believe it was called, because it goes pretty well with my hair. To dye denim, fill a bucket with 3 gallons of hot water and half of the bottle of dye (more if you want a darker tint). Then throw your garment, which should be soaked in cold water before this step, in the dye bucket and stir constantly for 30-60 minutes. If you want your piece to be darker, then keep it in the dye bath for longer (duh, right?). I took the bucket outside because I knew I was bound to spill, which of course I did. 

I started off with a paint stick and that was awful. Use something sturdy to stir the item in the dye bath. Also, wear gloves. I had this shit on my fingers for like four days.  

To finish off the dyeing process, dump out the dye bath and rinse your item completely in cool water until the water runs clear. At this point it's safe to wash the garment in you normal washer and dryer under warm water and a light detergent, but by itself for the first few washes. 

Next I needed a rad back patch. I ended up finding one I loved here and then I found another patch that truly captured my essence. It says, "I do whatever I want" could that be more perfect? Sewing the patches on took a few episodes of Park & Rec and it was actually kind of nice embroidering something again. 

^^this is what happens apparently when Kerry takes a picture of me. Also, how great is her backyard?!^^

I ordered some more pins and some more patches from here and here. This summer is going to be all about this badass jean vest and my badass self in it. What are some of your summer staples?

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