Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday Jams #16

It's a somber Saturday morning for me. While it marks the return of the Omaha Farmer's Market, it's also a reminder of my recent loss as visiting the market and then sitting at Buvette's for coffee was one of our favorite spring activities. But I want to honor the memory by sitting out there this morning, in the rain, with these songs - 

Head & The Heart - "Rivers and Roads"
That line, "I miss your face like hell", that's the one that gets me. I love how the song builds to that energy, it's electric. 

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Wide Lovely Eyes"
This song has been really comforting to me and I've been listening to it on repeat since last week. Sometimes these passings are so sudden, you're left in shock. "Wide Lovely Eyes" calms me and reminds me that even the worst things in life can actually be beautiful. 

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