Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WO+SF Gimme! Gimme! List

Ah, the Met Ball. You gotta love when a mass amount of celebs are gathered into one place and dressed to the nines. We love spending the days after such events critiquing and discussing the wardrobe choices and this year's Met Ball did not disappoint. This year's theme was Punk - which seems like an odd theme for such a formal event. There were some that definitely went all out, while others took less risks. This week we share our favorite looks from the ball.

Wise Owl Picks -

met ball faves

Met Ball Fave Looks


  1. While I completely agree with Rooney Mara, as she was my number 1 of the night, I cannot believe neither of you posted Miley Cyrus, especially Meghan. That girl was rocking that sparkle black netted dress. Complete with a bold red lip, spiky hair, and nude slip dress. She completely got the theme of the night. I loved this look! We shall discuss this more when I see you both next.

    - Kristen

    1. Too true Kristen! Miley's style has gone through some vast improvements. I think we can all thank Marc Jacobs for that. I mean how great was this? - Meg