Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Date Night Time Travel to The Trap Room

To overcome a Tuesday night slump, Cooper and I decided to treat ourselves to a little homemade pizza and a trip to The Trap Room where we were transported to your grandpa's 1960's basement in the woods (but not in a creepy way). 

Thanks to Trader Joe's pizza dough and Cooper's afternoon schedule, this beautiful pizza was waiting for me when I arrived home from work. Cooper diced red and orange peppers, tomatoes and jalapeños and for a protein he used some salami which was super yummy when it was cooked. Because I'm not the hugest mozzarella fan, half of the pizza was topped with gorgonzola which also happens to be delicious when warmed. And of course a splash of Sriracha was needed for the pizza crusts.  I like to call Cooper my "kitchen sink" cook because he can literally take whatever you have lying around in your kitchen and turn it into the most delicious meal. It's quite the gift actually. 

While we were in Minneapolis, Cooper and I both kept seeing our friends check in at this mysterious place called The Trap Room (thanks social media). When we finally figured out that this new bar was located in the old American Apparel store in North Downtown, we knew we wouldn't waste anytime trying it out.

The Trap Room's decor reminded me a lot of the doomed hotel in The Shining. That's not to say it's creepy or that I was concerned I'd be scribbling redrum on the back of a door anytime soon. The mid-century furniture and a little nicer-than thrifted wilderness paintings fill the small room in a minimal, yet effective way. The bar's gold "curtains" were definitely my favorite feature. It's like being in a bizarre-o Vegas lounge in the wilderness...in North Downtown Omaha.

The cocktail menu was very intriguing. I tried the Rye Blossom whose champagne, rye whisky, flower water mixture was perfect for the 80 degree + evening. At $8 I only ordered one of these, but it was a really nice treat. Cooper fell in love with the Kobra (a nod to Omaha's own DJ Kobrakyle?). Once I saw the cocktail had both rye whisky and IPA I knew it was made for Cooper. This drink rang in at $6 so Cooper definitely partook in multiple rounds.

All in all it was a lovely night out. Did I mention The Trap Door has a L-shaped patio attached to it so we were able to sit outside all night? There are three big picnic tables and multiple, smaller patio tables for smaller groups. The vintage ashtrays on each table just reinforced The Trap Room's dedication to their retro ambiance. Needless to say, many more nights will be spent on this patio this summer. And I have a sneaking suspicion this warm lounge will be even more pleasing during those long winter nights.

But don't take my word for it, try it out yourself. Seriously, when was the last time you went down to North Downtown? (but don't forget CWS is happening now)

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