Monday, June 24, 2013

Ikea is Our Heaven

I can't deny a visit to the Swedish-based home goods holy grail (aka Ikea) while in its vicinity. It's like there's a vortex around Bloomington, MN that forces people, couples and families to herd together to wander through this very well planned out superstore full of easy-to-assemble furniture and dreams. Yes, dreams because when you are inevitably forced to slow down behind that giant family trying to wrangle in their children while deciding on what new cabinets to install in their kitchen, you really take in the showrooms. "Man, if only I lived in a cosmopolitan studio loft I could install that Pax wardrobe with sliding doors and Expedit shelving unit. Then I'd be happy". After a few trips to this dreamworld, it looses a little bit of it's utopian ideals.  Eventually your trip revolves around getting in and out as quickly as possible without a public fight with your significant other. Luckily, Cooper and I have perfected our Ikea trip-taking attitudes and each time we walk away with some pretty awesome home finds. 

Our latest trip to Ikea wasn't just for our own home, Kerry asked that we pick her up the rug you see below which happened to be a very popular item this seasons. We saw this woman with the pineapple print on throw pillows, fleece blankets, and plastic plates. And not unlike cult hit The Big Lebowski, this rug really ties the room together, man. 

Next up we have my new Ikea home additions. Recently I invested a new couch and I kind of hated the pillow covers it came with. Also I needed to fill the empty space above my now larger couch. Initially, I wanted to get a large mirror to hang over the empty wall space, but it ended up being cheaper and more consistent for us to invest in another shelf exactly like one we already have in our living room. Cooper impressively hung the shelf by himself one afternoon and I ended up stitching together a quick garland to add a little homemade flare.

Not pictured, we also walked away with a new salad spinner, new plates (YES!!), new bowls, more magazine holders, and pineapple glasses (a surprise gift for Kerry to go with her new rug). All in all it was a pretty successful trip made in record time with minimal snarky-ness. If you ever find yourself sucked into the Ikea vortex, be sure to take it all in and definitely bring your patience!

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