Monday, June 17, 2013


There's nothing quite like a road trip in the summer. Here are a few shots from our trip to Minneapolis ---

When we arrived in Minneapolis, we met my brother and his partner for lunch at The Loop. Cooper got the mahi-mahi tachos. No, he did not finish them all.

Next we stopped up at the University of Minnesota's campus to grab some swag for my cousin's graduation gift. Yes, a foam finger was purchased. 

Cooper did this ----

My brother knows what a big beer fan Cooper is so he took us to two breweries. First we stopped at the 612 Brewery where the tables were lined with various Trivial Pursuit cards. I made Cooper switch our 80's edition for the Disney edition for personal reasons.

Next it was on to the Dangerous Man brewery which my brother thought Cooper would be especially akin to as the owner of the brewery also has a massive beard. Beards of the world - Unite!!

For the rest of the weekend we relaxed and hung out as a family. It was really quite lovely. 

This was our ride for the weekend, doesn't it rule?! Cooper had never been a convertible before so he especially enjoyed having the wind blowing in his hair. 

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