Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Jams #20

Hey y'all. What a gloomy day, huh? Kerry and I had plans to go Taste Omaha which I think are getting postponed until tomorrow. Now I plan on spending my day ordering new photos for my house, munching on some gorgonzola chips, maybe do some cleaning. This is what Saturday's are for right? 

First Aid Kit covers Fleet Foxes - "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song"
Thanks to a friend on Facebook I re-fell in love with Fleet Foxes. Their songs have been coming up more on my Pandora station and listening to their album again takes me back to 2008 when I was living in Lincoln before I was set to graduate college. So much has changed since there, so much more responsibility has set in and sometimes, just sometimes I wish I could go back to those care-free days when there was so much ahead of me. It's easy to lose your way and this past week I've been making a lot of moves to get back on track with my life. This First Aid Kit cover reminds me that what's old can be good again, but a new perspective makes it even more beautiful. 

Fiona Apple - "I Know"
This song always puts me in a sleepy mood, and today I'm ok with that. Good god do I love me some Fiona Apple. 

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