Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tasting Omaha Year II

One of our favorite free Omaha events to ring in the summer with is Taste of Omaha. We wrote about it here last year and honestly, not much about our experience changed. This year the weather was cool and cloudy. We ate less food because there weren't a lot of new booths to try which was rather disappointing. None the less, walking down around the riverfront I was reminded how beautiful and simple our town is.

^^A Sight to Behold^^

Here's the food I got - a veggie samosa from Marrakech and an ear of sweet corn from Holstein Sweet Corn. Both were satisfactory and cost a little less than $5 total.

The highlight of the day was sitting in the shade, listening to fake CCR and watching this woman dance her face off. One day I want to be her. For real.

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