Thursday, June 20, 2013

We Heart Hello Holiday

Last October, two creative, fashionable  Omaha women joined forces and launched their online retail store - Hello Holiday. Owners Megan Hunt (aka Princess Lasertron) and Sarah Lorsung Tvrdik (aka Fash Flood) had already made an impact on Omaha in their own individual ways. Sarah has a unique eye for vintage beauty and by working with local photographers and businesses she’s styled many fashion campaigns. There’s an effortlessness to the way she carries herself that could only be described as positively cool. Hers is a style that is envied by many.
Megan established Omaha’s first co-working space CAMP (now defunct) and quickly became the poster child for Omaha entrepreneurship. Her passion for building Omaha into a place younger, creative-types would want to bring their businesses meant that she threw her support behind Omaha’s gay rights ordinance which passed last May. I had always admired Megan’s honesty and willingness to stand up and fight for what she believes in. This act, especially to me, was one of the most important steps we as a city could have taken to establish ourselves as a place where people would not feel discriminated against based solely on their sexual orientation. By giving everyone an equal chance, it was a step that showed how dedicated we are to creating a truly diverse workforce in Omaha.
It also doesn’t hurt that these two make 420 and 69 jokes on a pretty regular basis. True products of the 90’s these gals are practically unstoppable. Needless to say, we’ve been big fans of Megan and Sarah before they became the power duo they are today – a la Lionel Richie and Diana Ross circa “Endless Love”.
So enough about how much we love the women behind Hello Holiday, let’s get into the clothes! Each and every item is handpicked by Megan and Sarah, which means there’s variety to the styles they offer. These looks are still edited for their audience – women in their mid-twenties to early thirties who are establishing themselves in the “real” world, which let’s face it is a pretty tough thing to get through, so why not look your best while you’re navigating the quagmire.
Many of Hello Holiday’s items are basics with a twist which don’t sacrifice the wear-ability factor. Both Sarah and Megan’s expertise in clothes construction and quality means that they only pick items they know will stand the test of time.
Also a note – I am not a model nor do I wish to be one. I actually hate having my picture taken which made the process of Kerry getting these shots of me pretty excruciating (well maybe not that painful). I just kept looking at her going, “What do I do now?”, “Do my hands look weird? What am I supposed to do with my hands?” which turned into me thinking about Tom Hanks in this.
First up we have Hello Holiday's Everyday Soiree Dress paired with their Spot On Loafers, hat from H&M, sunglasses Ray Ban. 

Next up is one of my favorite summer dresses - aptly named the Summer Birthday Dress. I paired this my big girl wedges to make me extra tall and a large hand knitted bow from Inez Gill. I love the way the red/orange from the dress and the light blue of the bow compliment each other.

If you live in Omaha, you can forgo those extra shipping charges by picking up your order at Hello Holiday’s office in Benson, just above Lot 2 and Krug Park. It’s extremely easy to arrange a pick-up time which again, only shows how dedicated these two are to their business – they’re there round the clock regardless of what insipid music some jag played on the jukebox down at Krug Park.

Also be sure to follow Hello Holiday on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see these two and their loyal customers modeling their looks. I always find it super helpful to see what REAL WOMEN look like in clothes. Hello Holiday also offers a discount on your next order if you share your purchase and tag them on Instagram. And who are we to turn down an easily earned discount?!

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