Monday, June 3, 2013

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Well today went by way too fast. Do you ever sit in the office on Monday and wish you could dictate your own schedule? Now that it's finally summer-ish outside, it makes my slight distaste for work that much worse. Blerg. At least it's another four day work week for me. This weekend we're heading up to Minneapolis and nothing is more exciting than a prospective trip to Ikea.

While it's a late post and you're likely at home gearing up for another workday, here are some links to help wind down this Monday night. 
  • I'm such a sucker for jewelry and these 45 ultra-glam gems are making me salivate. 
  • You guys I totally missed the 10 year anniversary of Shaun of the Dead a few weeks ago. That movie is definitely in my desert island top 10 list. To celebrate  it's Tin anniversary, the film's director Edgar Wright started posting personal behind-the-scenes photos. Eep!!
  • Ron Swanson, a man's man whom no-nonsense wisdom and ways makes Parks & Rec one of the best shows on television right now. If you're a Swanson-ite you'll want to look at this catalogue of everything he's eaten on the show (note: there are a few items missing).
  • Whether you like the newest, fourth season of Arrested Development or not, you should probably use this infographic to figure out which AD character you are. 
  • You've probably already seen this floating around on Facebook, but shit this list of 50 things that remind you of your childhood is SO GOOD. WHY DID WE EVER LIKE BLOW-UP FURNITURE?!
  • With The Bling Ring coming to theaters this summer, it's nice to take this look back to some of Sophia Coppola's most beautiful cinematic moments
  • Isn't it amazing what makeup can do to transform you into another person? 
  • It often makes me sad I don't keep much of a written correspondence with anyone. This collection of cards is a good reminder how fun it is to surprise a friend with a little note in the mail. 
  • These paintings are utterly beautiful. I seriously can't wait for summer to finally be here. 
  • Here's your summer reading list
I snapped this photo of my dear Cooper while he was slingin' drinks at Pageturners awhile ago using a slow shutter app on my phone. I ain't afraid of no ghost.

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  1. Awesome photo! Found your blog somehow. (I dunno.) Will be visiting often.