Monday, June 24, 2013

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Hello again Monday. I hate that we keep meeting this way. It's the last week of June which seems impossible. Next week we'll celebrate the Fourth of July with hot dogs and beers. Until then I'm personally celebrating because Cooper shaved his beard of six months last night. It's utterly insane how different he looks know. It's funny how you can forget what someone really looks like. I've been catching myself just staring at him and quietly keeping thoughts to myself like, "was your chin always that small?".

Anyways, let's start off this week slowly, with a cup of coffee in hand and these internet distractions below -
  • I guess I've always known I have a sour-ish face because unfortunately I often get approached by older men telling me to, "just smile, it's not so bad", which is the ultimate worst. Finally, I feel represented. Some of my friends have even dubbed me as Meghan "This is Just the Way My Face Looks" Francis. 
  • If you haven't been introduced to Maddie the Coonhound yet, prepare yourself for some major adorableness. Be sure to follow Zach on Instagram and/or Tumblr. 
  • Ever since I took a Southwestern Literature class in college, I've been obsessed with the dessert and beauty of the land. One specific place I've been meaning to visit is Arches National Park in Moab, UT. Home to one of the most beautiful natural arches
  • It's an age-old fact. Everyone look cooler in sunglasses. These illustrations only solidify this fact. 
  • Finally, confirmation that the Rueben actually was invented in Omaha, at the Blackstone. 
  • One of my BFF's sent me this slideshow consisting of some A-list friendship moments. Celebrity friendships right? Are there any other kind?
  • I don't know why I think this is so hilarious, but it is.  
  • Here's a look at Kimmy Gibbler's Instagram. Yes, that exists. 
  • Oh, Dame Judi, you sly minx
  • This is my ultimate new favorite. 
  • Summer style I need to test next. 
Here's a shot from Cooper's solo show a couple of Fridays ago ---

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