Thursday, July 18, 2013

Around the Neighborhood Lately

On Friday night, Cooper went to work while I stayed at home. Not 15 minutes after he left he texted me that a thrift store near our home was on fire. Turns out, someone smashed into the building. Here is the aftermath. Most of the street and surrounding area is still closed down, almost a week later. They had to carefully remove the billboard off of the top of the building and it was so bizarre to drive by, this billboard just standing in the street. There's a security guard on post whose sole-responsibility is to ensure no one enters the building (as you can see there's still inventory in the store). He sits in the shade because it's 95 degrees outside and watches as people come and go. And the people do come and go, taking pictures, pointing at the destruction. I guess when someone says there's a building about to collapse in on itself, you pull over and examine it's odd beauty.

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