Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scouring & Devouring Omaha: The Jaipur

While we have a few favorite Indian restaurants in town, The Jaipur is the most consistent in deliciousness. A few months ago, I purchased a Groupon to The Jaipur and last week, we finally put it to use (I apologize in advance for not-so-pretty iPhone pictures, I blame the romantic lighting). 

I always start by trips to The Jaipur by ordering the vegetable samosas. These are the flakiest but dense and fresh samosas I've ever had. I've tried the samosas at pretty much every Indian restaurant in town and The Jaipur's has 'em all beat. The best part of this appetizer - the mint chutney. Oh god, I could bathe in that mint chutney. At a small cost of $5 for two samosas, I highly recommend you treat yourself to this pre-entree joy. 

If you order an entree, you are entitled to a salad or a soup, and I highly recommend you get the Mulligatawny soup. It's not too hot, but still packs a lot of flavor.  

Cooper ordered the Chicken Tikka Korma which is marked by its signature red curry sauce. While he liked his dish, he found himself agreeing with the findings of the Omaha Food Prowl

I went with my old stand-by, the Aloo Chole which is chickpeas and potatoes cooked in a delicious garlic and onion sauce. It's pretty mild on the spice but super savory. Having multiple vegetarian options on the menu is my absolute favorite part of Indian cuisine. I wish more restaurants around town would put a little more thought into providing meat-free items. I mean I get it, we live in the midwest, we're known for our beef and steakhouses, but just once Omaha I would love it if you could eat outside of your comfort zone sometimes. 

So, if you're looking for a romantic night out with someone special, look out for a Groupon (they seem to run one about every 3-4 months and it equates to about one free entree) and check out The Jaipur. 

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