Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Jams #26

I was trolling the internet yesterday during a break from work, trying to plan my self-imposed night in (summer, why you gotta make me so poor?) when I came across an article that reminded me of the movie Sugar & Spice. Then I started thinking about how much I used to LOVE those types of movies that seemed to be so popular in the late 90's, you know - Drop Dead Gorgeous, Jawbreaker, The Craft. All of these movies share black comedy roots but they're fronted by these amazing casts of women. And while the movies themselves might not be all that good now (but trust me, Drop Deal Gorgeous will always stand the test of time) I couldn't help but think of that time, when I was just in high school watching these movies and thinking, yeah, I want to be a badass chick like that one day. 

Not only did the films remind me of that defining part of my life, it reminded me of all the great music that came out of them. It's interesting to think back on the late 90's when corporations and labels saw they could market "indie" music to teens and still be successful. Gone were the days of Nirvana, in were the days of a carefully crafted soundtracks with enough edge to introduce a new sound, but still safe enough to be accessible. It was these soundtracks that defined my musical tastes for so long. Romeo + Juliet, Cruel Intentions, for me these were the epitome of what I wanted to listen to. Including the couple songs below - 

Imperial Teen - "Water Boy"
This song is featured in Jawbreaker and while Imperial Teen will forever be known as the "Yoo Hoo" band, I've always preferred this song of theirs.

Letters to Cleo - "Dangerous Type"
There weren't a lot of movies in the late 90's that didn't feature a Letters to Cleo song. Again, this was always my fave, coming from the movie The Craft. If you want to play a fun little game watch 10 Things I Hate About You and drink everytime you hear a Letters to Cleo song. Trust me, you'll get tipsy.

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