Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thirsty Thursday - A Summer Tradition

A few Thursdays ago, mid-CWS madness, I decided to go out to Werner Park to partake in their annual summer tradition - Thirsty Thursday. There is nothing more American than enjoying a baseball game while drinking $2 beers. Ammiright?

So we ended up buying box seats near the first base line. Since it was our first visit, we though it best to play it safe. And the seats, minus some wicked close calls with two foul balls, were great. Werner Park is much smaller than Rosenblatt so the experience is much more personal. And by personal, I mean you get an even better view of the adorable baseball players. My friend and I decided the next time we'd visit Werner Park we'd go cheap, bring chairs and a blanket and buy the McDonald's Berm seats which is essentially a grassy knoll where you chances of catching a home-run are increased 10 fold. 

We ended up figuring out that these 12 oz Bud Light cans you get from the beer carts are not the best deal in the park - go to the food stands because you can buy a 16 oz beer for the same price ($2). 

I treated myself to a big soft pretzel and some nacho cheese. Then, when I saw the La Mesa stand was selling margaritas I HAD to try one. DUH. At $7 you definitely get a lot of margarita, but it's soooo sweet it was a little too much. Very reminiscent of the $1 margaritas you can get at Don & Millie's. 

This girl won a t-shirt. If nothing else, go to a baseball game to you can have t-shirts shot at you through those massive air guns. It's amazing. Also, if you have a pup, consider attending one of Werner Park's Dog Days of Summer where both you and your pup can enjoy the festivities! 

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