Monday, July 15, 2013

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Both Kerry and I are in desperate need of a vacation. Working a full-time job in the summer just seems like a punishment. Where have the days gone where you could take the afternoon off to treat yourself to a day in the sun with a good book? Neither of us have even been pool-side this summer which just feels like a major bummer. As much as I like my job (but mostly I like the money) I long for the ability to shard myself of daily responsibilities and get back in touch with myself, my passions and my path. It just seems impossible to achieve these things when you're sitting in the fluorescent light of an office building. I feel stagnant. Maybe it's time to take a few days off...

But not this week. No, this week is going to be very hectic for me. If you're in the same boat, but feel like settling into your workday a little longer, we recommend you do that with these internet findings - 
  • During a Wikipedia black hole I went down last week I came across this episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? that I totally forgot existed. I'm actually pretty surprised that we allowed this shit to be shown to children, it's still kind of scary!
  • Needless to say I totally agree with this
  • This woman is my hero. I always say that I wish I danced more, either it be in the privacy of my own home or taking an actual class and this is more proof that I just need to do it. 
  • You know we're big Twin Peaks fans, so it comes as no surprise that we love this video. 
  • I love a good biopic movie. Sometimes it seems like some actors were born to play certain parts. I think we can all agree that's the case here at least. 
  • This is absolutely adorable. 
  • Getting excited for the new Anchorman movie. 
  • I'm obsessing about getting these for my backyard whenever I decide to invest in a home. 
  • If you've already seen The Bling Ring and are jonesing for some more Sofia Coppola - here's her first short film. 
  • This stationery is just sublime. 
Last week I went with my dear friend to walk-through her reception space for her September wedding. It's a beautiful location that's sure to host many wonderful memories come then - 

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