Monday, July 29, 2013

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Sorry for the late post y'all. Can I tell you what a case of the Mondays I had today? This gloomy weather, the fact that I listened to new wave all day, and my ever-heaping workload have had me feeling like this summer is just flying by. And it's not going to slow down anytime soon. Alright, before I have a panic attack thinking about it all, let's take a gander at these internet findings - 

  • It's Tim Gunn's 60th birthday today so let's celebrate enjoying some of his greatest words of wisdom on being creative. 
  • If you ain't got nothing going on tomorrow night then head to Pageturner's for this intimate show featuring the ex-drummer from Rilo Kiley. 
  • Shameless boyfriend self-promotion - Go see Cooper play this Friday (which is coincidently Benson First Friday) at the Barley Street Tavern with Touch People and Underwater Dream Machine!
  • I was just here over Fourth of July and had a blast. It's always fun to see a familiar face...
  • A little diddy about that Michelle Williams. 
  • Just this past weekend when I was trolling Netflix for something to watch I stopped on Skins and reveled in how amazing that show was. Maybe I need to give it another chance. I know I'm two seasons behind AND in case you haven't heard this last season focuses on three past favorite characters - Cook, Effy, and Cassie. This is an interesting look at how this newest installation grows up and Cassie becomes an actual person, and not just a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. 
  • Uh, just found the above mentioned new Skins season on YouTube. There goes my week. 
  • Aubrey Plaza discusses skorts with charm. 
  • I was obsessed with this song when the album first came out and now we have a video that's just ask good, directed by PTA. I will always love you Fiona Apple. Always. 
  • I love you, the internet, for showing me how in general I do things in a very idiotic way. 
  • These are so good. 

Also in news this weekend, we said goodbye to Kerry's adorable Benson home, but at least we looked like professional movers in the process. And looking cool is what life's all about right? RIGHT?

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