Friday, July 26, 2013

Wind Down / Wound Up

Hello Friday! This has been the longest week for both me and Kerry. However, someone’s birthday is looming (next week!) so we’re excited to gather our friends together and celebrate! There’s this park near where I live and we’re thinking, weather permitting, about setting up there for a night of outdoor hang time. It will definitely pale in significance compared to Kerry’s bounce castle birthday last year, but I have a feeling at least a piñata will be involved.
  • I want to go eat at Bronco’s tonight after reading the latest installation of Omaha Food Prowl. I live crazy close to the one on Leavenworth but for whatever reason have never stopped in.
  • The Sydney hosts See Through Dresses, Dsoedean from Missouri and Well Aimed Arrows, $5 gets you in. I haven’t seen any of these bands before but they seem to be playing a lot around town, which could mean they’re good, or just good at promoting themselves. Oh, why do I always have to be so pessimistic?
  • Hear Nebraska has been throwing a lot of weight behind The Millions who are making a comeback after a long time out of the scene. I’m not sure why we aren’t focusing on new bands in town (HN I want to love you so bad but you piss me off so much), but if you want a throwback to the mid-90’s then go to the show at the Waiting Room. You can read more about the band here.
  • Open Streets Omaha is an event encouraging folks around town to literally play in the streets. Today from 8 – 2 you can head down to 14th and Farnam for the festivities.
  • Benson Days is today! This day-long celebration is bound to be a cluster-fuck, but a fun one none the less. Here’s run down of what’s going on:
  • Over at Jake’s they’ll be doing an outdoor music fest starting at noon. You can catch DJ Kobrakyle kicking off the day, then Brad Hoshaw, Howard, Dumb Beach (They’re amazing! Definitely hit this show up at 6), Simon Joyner and then DJ Dave Goldberg (duh, Solid Goldberg). Dance your pants off.
  • Walk around because there will be a TON of food and art vendors lining the street. It looks like Paperdoll is going to have a massive sidewalk sale so treat yo’self to something pretty.
  • Starting at 9 the Sweatshop will be hosting their inter-gender mud wrestling competition. Get dirty. Be sure to stick around to see Plack Blague play. You won’t regret it.
  • If you’re like me and feel really uncomfortable being around that many drunken idiots then head to O’Leaver’s for their amazing karaoke/bacon night. Wait, what was I just saying about being around a bunch of drunken idiots?
  • Head over to the Joslyn Castle for their annual classic car show. It’s $12.50 to get in, but I always regretted not checking this out when I lived in the neighborhood.
  • It’s going to be a particularly lovely and cool day. Head to La Buvette for the afternoon, order some appetizers and enjoy a couple of bottles of wine with your favorite book. There’s nothing more refreshing than sitting on the patio, occasionally people watching, alone with your own thoughts. One might describe it as therapeutic.
If nothing else, go explore your city this weekend!

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