Friday, August 30, 2013

Wind Down / Wound Up

Hell YES! We love a holiday weekend, and we have tons going on this weekend. I took Friday off, Meghan took a half day. I have a bunch of family in town for a mini reunion and Meghan is heading up north to her brother's wedding! If your weekend isn't already all planned out like ours are, that's okay! There are tons of things going on in Omaha! As the work week winds down, WO+SF and crew are getting wound up for the weekend!

FRIDAY August 30
  • Brave the heat and head down to the Century Link Center to Septemberfest! Food, rides, games, music, car show... it's all there, going on all weekend! Check out the OWH's guide to the fest
  • We've recommended Plack Blague several times now, and we still highly recommend you see him at least once in your life. Such an opportunity presents itself tonight at the Slowdown, with The Pornhuskers and Chromafrost playing as well. 
  • I have always loved Woody Allen and definitely want to find some time this weekend to see his new movie, Blue Jasmine
SATURDAY August 31
SUNDAY September 1
  • Hopefully you all have Monday off work like we do! That just means you can keep the party going for one more day! Have a barbecue or dinner with friends.
  • We love the OWH's monthly Food Prowls. We have yet to recreate our own, but they always give us great suggestions of places to find the best of our favorite foods in Omaha. This month they featured one our favorite drinks, bloody marys. If you're bored, see how many places you can hit up in one day. Or if you have less time on your hands, hit up the place that sounds best to you. 
MONDAY September 2
  • Do absolutely nothing to celebrate how hard you work every other day. : ) 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Monsoon Weddings

Wedding season, feared by some as much as hurricane season, has finally arrived for me. Over the next three weeks, I will attend the wedding of an immediate family member, co-host a bachelorette party, and be a part of two really cool people committing to spending the rest of their lives together.  My brother's wedding is this upcoming weekend and we're traveling up to Minnetonka to be a part of his special day. He and his partner are having a small, intimate ceremony and party at their beautiful home. I just bought a new dress from Hello Holiday to mark the occasion (It's likely the only time in my life it will be acceptable to wear white to a wedding since there's no bride involved). After that family fun-time it's onto putting together a raunchy, but classy bachelorette party. But before we continue with that story, here's a quick peek at how the pre-monsoon wedding season has gone.

First, there was a very cute and sentimental bridal shower. One of the sweetest events of the day was when the bride opened four little boxes which contained extra-special gifts including a custom made Creighton Jays brooch.

Next, we started planning the bachelorette party. We went with a masquerade theme because Halloween is the bride's favorite holiday. We hand-made masks to send with the invites which turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I can't wait for everyone to show up at the party as a different animal. 

After the bachelorette invites out it was onto DIY decorations. One lesson I learned over the course of this process is that making your own chalkboard paint is extremely easy and pretty darn cheap.

The boys returned from their bachelor party with an interesting new friend that Peter ROFL was not too fond of.

Being able to share and embrace the love in your life is an extraordinary thing which is why these upcoming weeks are ones I imagine I'll remember for quite some time to come.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy National Dog Day!

Or as we prefer to call it, Happy National BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever) Day! Our four-legged companions are always there for us, day in and day out. Their presence alone has made us more patient and compassionate people. Caring for another life is such an awesome responsibility and not something to take lightly. What I've learned most about having a pet is that when you combine patience, and unconditional love you get to witness the growth and reliance we all have on each other, animal and human. It's an unshakable bond that will be with us forever.
While we take care of our pets physically, they take care of us emotionally. So, today goes out to our awesome pets and the other amazing dogs we've met over the years. Remember, not all dogs have a loving home, so be sure to donate your time and/or money to your local animal shelter. Here's a link to our Human Society in town in case you've been on the fence about bringing a dog into your home. These pets are all so special and deserve a chance to live a life alongside someone who will love them and care for them. Kerry picked up Oliver from the Human Society, and couldn't be happier with the outcome.
So here's a quick peek at some of our favorite doggies. Of course we have to call out our own Bebop and Oliver -

And then there are all of our other BFFF's  -

^^George & me circa 2007^^
^^Peter ROFL^^
BFFF's Not pictured: Jack, Tilly, Kayman, Sally, and really every other dog in the world because we love them all!

So give your dog a bone today (literally) and again, Happy National Dog Day!

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Well weekend, you were fun, per usual. I'm looking forward to a quieter week than last. I went out every night last week like an idiot and now I feel like it's time to chill the fuck out and reboot. Summer, I wish I could bottle you up and break you out whenever I'm feeling a lonely for a warm, sunshine-y day. Alas, we can't have it all. So these next few weeks I will slowly drink you in summer and be sure to stop and remember every moment - the way the air smells, the sweat on the back of my neck, the sound of the breeze rolling through the trees. 

Anyways, it's back to being Monday, so here are some internet links to keep you distracted until you're ready to tackle all those emails in your inbox. 

  • I, unfortunately, did not watch the VMA's last night, however Refinery 29 did me the favor of collecting these top 15 VMA performances. That "I'm a Slave 4 U" performance will always be my favorite.
  • A day in the life of Valentino anyone? 
  • We've obviously figured out our power animals. In case you haven't - take this quiz. 
  • I went and watched Space Jam last Monday night in Midtown Crossing and it was amazing (Go there tonight for their last outdoor movie. It's ET y'all). How did I forget that Bill Murray was in that movie? In case you're rolling your eyes at the legitimacy of Space Jam. I'll point you in this direction. 
  • This is pretty hilarious and pretty spot on. 
  • Oh my god, why does this exist?!
  • Saw this band this past weekend and they were incredible. 
  • These are just beautiful. It's the little things, isn't it? 
  • While Cooper was out of town this weekend, I binge watched some RuPaul's Drag Race and was looking for a specific lip synch when my attentions were routed here. I recommend you watch each and every one of these and take notes. 

Finally, I ate at Lot 2 on Friday and goddamn if my socks aren't knocked off every time I dine there. This visit I opted for their new meatball sandwich and fuck that thing was good. It was spicy and sweet and warm and delicious. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday Jams #31

Well, this weekend I'm left to my own devices while Cooper's off camping for a bachelor party. I'm going to stretch out so much in my bed tonight, I may even kick Bebop out for the night too. Today was spent taking a break from everything. I've been going pretty hard at things lately so the time alone to relax was welcomed. On the menu tonight is nothing because I'm going to enjoy the sweet solitude as long as possible. 

Fuck Buttons - "The Red Wing"
Over these past couple of weeks I've felt like a worker drone just plugging away to get tasks done. Sometimes it's excruciating to be that focused and stressed. I found this song this week and while it's a bit on the heavier side, it pretty much sums up how I have been feeling recently. 

Shigeto - "No Better Time Than Now"
I've giving a run at liking noise music and so far it's going pretty well. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Wind Down / Wound Up

I am EXTRA excited for this weekend because... I JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE!! Hooray! I am way excited and have been marking pages of inspiration in my HGTV magazines. While I still have to go through the home inspection and closing and all that jazz, I will definitely be celebrating this weekend, among all the other events going on in Omaha. Each week we help you plan your weekend by doing the work for you and listing the happening-est events. As the work week winds down WO+SF and crew are getting wound up for the weekend.

FRIDAY August 23
SATURDAY August 24
  • This is right up my alley: start your afternoon out with Songs @ Shop. Musicians Laura Burhenn (The Mynabirds), Orenda Fink (Azure Ray), Dan McCarthy (McCarthy Trenching), James Maakestad (McCarthy Trenching, Gus & Call), and Zack Lagrue will play acoustic songs of the 60's (my fave) at the Saddle Creek Shop.
  • If you haven't had a chance to check out Omaha Fashion Week, Friday and Saturday will be your last chance to do so!
  • Satchel Grande just plain and simple puts on a FUN show. Go see this massive band at the Slowdown and you can also peep over to the Trap Room for a drink or two!
SUNDAY August 25
  • Head to O'Leavers for a final hoorah before you have to return to work on Monday to rock out to Killer Blow and Ted Stevens' Unknown Project. 

 When my parents took me out to do dinner at Dixie Quicks a few weekends ago for my birthday, this giant, inflated squirrel was next door in the gallery. It is amazing.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lady of the Lake

Yes, this is a week full of camping posts. I didn't feel like I took that many pictures while we were on our trip, but turns out I was wrong (per usual). It was just so beautiful out there with the way the moon would come up when the sun was still out and the lake would ripple with the wind, but reflect the sky at night after the wind died. I've been a little obsessed with the sky lately. I guess it's just one of those things about summer time. And one thing I'll miss greatly come December.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You & I & The Flame Make Three

It's become a tradition for us to go out camping out at Fremont Lakes State Rec Park for our friend G's birthday. It's typically a pretty prime weekend to get out to the outdoors because it's smack dab in the middle of August and before the Labor Day crowds. We spent a relaxing weekend chatting, drinking, eating and doing some menial crafts to pass the time. If you are the boating or jet ski type there are multiple lakes for you to bounce across the water on. If you are looking for a relaxing, quiet weekend in the wilderness, there are more secluded sites to do that as well (which is our preference).
Every year when we leave we always say, "Man, we need to do this more" and each and every year the summer just slips by us too fast. I always wish I made more time for camping, but who knows, maybe this fall will be kind to us so we can get out one more time. Until then, we have these pictures and our memories to tide us over until next year.