Wednesday, August 21, 2013

G vs. The Pinata

We felt a little bad for our friend G when we figured out that he'd be spending his birthday weekend in the wilderness with three ladies. So in an effort to make his birthday seem a little more boy-like we got him a baseball pinata and filled it with his favorite candies - butterscotch drops, Airheads and of course teeny bottles of liquor. Watching him try to swat at this small pinata with a giant log (I'm the worst and forgot a pinata bat) filled us with joy and laughter, but for him frustration. After about three minutes of swooping misses, he finally got a piece of the pinata and took it clean off of the handle. Once it was down from the tree he opted to crack that thing open with his machete. Because nothing's more manly than a machete. Later that night, after it got dark out, we lit up some sparklers and ran around our campsite gleefully. It was one of those ridiculous moments you know you'll never forget.
If you have a birthday coming up, we highly recommend you look to your childhood past and bring something from that to present day. Between Kerry's bounce house birthday, our Lisa Frank party and this pinata I'm thinking my next birthday will either involve trampoline dodge ball or a petting zoo. Or who know, maybe both.

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