Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy National Dog Day!

Or as we prefer to call it, Happy National BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever) Day! Our four-legged companions are always there for us, day in and day out. Their presence alone has made us more patient and compassionate people. Caring for another life is such an awesome responsibility and not something to take lightly. What I've learned most about having a pet is that when you combine patience, and unconditional love you get to witness the growth and reliance we all have on each other, animal and human. It's an unshakable bond that will be with us forever.
While we take care of our pets physically, they take care of us emotionally. So, today goes out to our awesome pets and the other amazing dogs we've met over the years. Remember, not all dogs have a loving home, so be sure to donate your time and/or money to your local animal shelter. Here's a link to our Human Society in town in case you've been on the fence about bringing a dog into your home. These pets are all so special and deserve a chance to live a life alongside someone who will love them and care for them. Kerry picked up Oliver from the Human Society, and couldn't be happier with the outcome.
So here's a quick peek at some of our favorite doggies. Of course we have to call out our own Bebop and Oliver -

And then there are all of our other BFFF's  -

^^George & me circa 2007^^
^^Peter ROFL^^
BFFF's Not pictured: Jack, Tilly, Kayman, Sally, and really every other dog in the world because we love them all!

So give your dog a bone today (literally) and again, Happy National Dog Day!

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