Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Will Always Come With You, Even If It Means Crossing The Billy Ocean

This past weekend I hopped out of my dreams and into a car (come on I had to do it) and headed to Kansas City. About a year ago two of my oldest friends moved down to Kansas City to help open up the Pig & Finch. We finally decided to get our shit together and travel down to visit them. It was a beautiful night for driving last Friday. We even ran into the most beautiful pink sky. 

When we got into town we quickly dropped off our bags and headed to the place where both of our friends practically live now. Walking in was kind of surreal. You grow up with your friends and so go through so much. I can't even begin to recount the idiotic things I've done with these kids, so to see them so grown up, running a restaurant, I felt so proud. 

As we sat at the bar, each sipping our different cocktails and beers I had a flash of all of our friendships. From high school, to college, to weddings, to that specific moment and everything seemed so splendid. Here I was with these people who knew me to my truest. The people I've joked around with the most to the point where my stomach and face are sore from all of the laughter. In a certain way everything has changed, but in another way entirely it's just like we're 16 again. There's something particularly extraordinary about these types of friends in our lives. And here's an important reminder - you have to work to maintain these relationships. Never take them for granted. Make the time to stay close because these people are your family. 

When we were seated, I joked that they were going to put us at this massive table until I figured out that's indeed where we'd be dining. I seized the opportunity to sit at the head of the table and act like the HBIC. I was feeling pretty ballin' until I had a little moment when I saw my friend's name at the top of the menu, and then I was bawlin' (man, what's with me and the puns today?). 

As far aw the food goes it was all delicious. We had the Camembert Croquettes which are easily now my favorite new appetizer. I had the oven roasted tomato flatbread and other dishes on the table were the lamb burger, the duck cassoulet, the pork belly and salmon in parchment paper. Does any of that sound delicious? Well you're in luck then because they are going to be opening a location in Omaha by the end of the year. 

 The restaurant was pretty dark but I had to ask our fabulous waiter to snap a picture of us all together again.

After dinner, we headed back downtown to the local bar The Quaff. We played shuffleboard and saw a girl get so drunk she passed out on the patio. Our late-night activities included playing MarioKart on Nintendo 64 and doing Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions. Like I said, I felt like we were 16 again.

It was one of those great weekend trips where time magically stopped so we all could just enjoy the summer and more importantly, each other's company.  Check back later this week and I'll continue with  the rest of our weekend which included a trip to a Speakeasy, figuring out what kind of people we all are and a guy randomly throwing up on the street. 

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