Thursday, August 8, 2013

Maddie on Things / Theron on Life

I was lucky enough to spot on Instagram that Theron and Maddie of This Wild Idea would be stopping by Omaha to do a book signing at The Bookworm. I knew I had to go, I mean, who would pass up the opportunity to meet a celebrity dog in person? So last Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of petting Maddie and hearing Theron talk about his life and his work. He told a story that is often told - he graduated from college, joined the 9-5 workforce and eventually turned around and asked isn't there more out there? shouldn't I be doing something I love? So he quit his job and started a Kickstarter campaign to travel the country for one full year, documenting a story each day of what he saw and the people he met. He raised $16,000 and off he went in his truck, and eventually with Maddie.
The rest of Theron's story was a reminder about how we should not waste our time in this world.  Go out and do what you love. Dedicate your life to it.
I need to adapt this mode of thinking more often in my life -

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