Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Monsoon Weddings

Wedding season, feared by some as much as hurricane season, has finally arrived for me. Over the next three weeks, I will attend the wedding of an immediate family member, co-host a bachelorette party, and be a part of two really cool people committing to spending the rest of their lives together.  My brother's wedding is this upcoming weekend and we're traveling up to Minnetonka to be a part of his special day. He and his partner are having a small, intimate ceremony and party at their beautiful home. I just bought a new dress from Hello Holiday to mark the occasion (It's likely the only time in my life it will be acceptable to wear white to a wedding since there's no bride involved). After that family fun-time it's onto putting together a raunchy, but classy bachelorette party. But before we continue with that story, here's a quick peek at how the pre-monsoon wedding season has gone.

First, there was a very cute and sentimental bridal shower. One of the sweetest events of the day was when the bride opened four little boxes which contained extra-special gifts including a custom made Creighton Jays brooch.

Next, we started planning the bachelorette party. We went with a masquerade theme because Halloween is the bride's favorite holiday. We hand-made masks to send with the invites which turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I can't wait for everyone to show up at the party as a different animal. 

After the bachelorette invites out it was onto DIY decorations. One lesson I learned over the course of this process is that making your own chalkboard paint is extremely easy and pretty darn cheap.

The boys returned from their bachelor party with an interesting new friend that Peter ROFL was not too fond of.

Being able to share and embrace the love in your life is an extraordinary thing which is why these upcoming weeks are ones I imagine I'll remember for quite some time to come.

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