Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our Magnificent KC Master-Peace Part II

We awoke our second day in KC to a beautiful sunny morning. The view from the apartment we were staying in was tremendous. There was a pool view and in the faint distance you could see small planes landing at a nearby airport.

Once we were up, we immediately ventured out for brunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Westport Cafe and Bar. You may remember me going on about it last year.

You can always tell when a group of us get together from high school by the amount of BluBlockers present. Our mutual addiction has gotten so bad that G invests in a box of 10 annually to disperse throughout the year as we break and lose our previous pairs. Apparently we're a really reckless group when it comes to sunglasses. 

After brunch we walked down to the plaza for some shopping at H&M. My friend Sarah and I do this thing when we go shopping together that we both agree to try on one ridiculous item we find interesting but would not normally wear (this is how I came to own a romper). Unfortunately, our interesting pieces weren't flattering enough to take the plunge on. We then walked back up to Westport and enjoyed an afternoon of patio sitting and drinking at Harry's. It was G's goal to eat BBQ while we were down there, unfortunately by the time we got to Oklahoma Joe's for dinner there was already a line around the building. We ended up at Gates which I can honestly say was one of the oddest dining experiences I've had in my entire life. They don't really take your order there as much as they yell at you and you yell your order back hoping they don't eff it up. The continuous chirp of the cashier's yelling, "Hiiiiii, can I help yooooooou" was enough to make me want to pull my hair out. 

From there we went down to the Crossroads Arts District and bounced around to a few bars. First we stopped by a restaurant (Eep! I can't remember the name but it was right behind Lulu's) which was busy, but had a great patio. Next, was the highlight of the evening. Our stop at a speakeasy called Manifesto turned out to be a really cool and intimate experience. Our friend had to call in and make reservations and in about two hours we were able to get in for a few drinks. Their menu is made up of a variety of craft cocktails all ranging around $11. Like what's going on in town with the Berry & Rye, the bar is extremely expensive, but you're not only paying for your amazing drinks, you're paying for the experience too. The dimly lit room is as romantic as it is cavernous looking, and I mean that in the way that when we walked through the dank hallway to get to our table my friend turned around and noted how much this bar was like a haunted house - which just happens to be one of my greatest fears. Eeriness aside, trust me, next time your in downtown KC, make yourself a reservation and check it out. 

Our last stop before home was to Anton's where we met a professional tennis player/real estate agent and her boyfriend who felt so bad for our group because his girlfriend was being so obnoxious that he bought us all a round of drinks. Anton's had 50 beers (include wine!) on tap. The beer below was super smoky and delicious.

There was also some interesting art in the bathroom.

After a hell of a night we finally retired, falling asleep watching Big Trouble in Little China. Our final day in KC was spent back up in Westport at Port Fonda for another brunch and discussing our distinguishing personality traits included a proclivity to excess and meanness. After finishing our meal we were walking back to the car enjoying ourselves when we witnessed a guy hanging out in front of a bar suddenly puke on the side of the street. I just saw my friend turn around suddenly and say, "Well, I didn't need to see that." Indeed. No one needed to see that before noon. 

We did however also walk by this very cheekily named restaurant -

Before we took off back to Omaha we stopped at the river market. It was a blast walking around this massive farmer's and flea market (even though as our group passed by one patron noted, "Oh, there goes a group of hipsters"). There was a wide variety of produce, and especially spices, compared to our farmer's market. Why isn't there just a spice booth at our Farmer's Market? If I'm missing it, let me know! Oh, and there was a classic Thunderbird show going on too, so we got to admire some really cool classic cars. 

 If you haven't gone on a vacation yet this summer and don't think you have the money to go anywhere just hop in your car and drive three hours south. We promise Kansas City, MO has a lot of fun to offer.

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