Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Jams #28

Sorry for the lack of post last week y'all. Sometimes the weekend hours just slip through my fingers. It's a beautiful day out and after I finish a few Saturday to-do's, I'm definitely heading outdoors for a couple glasses of wine and conversation. Here are a couple of songs that I have been listening to this past week. And just a reminder, it's officially August. Enjoy the outdoors so when it's December 30th you'll at least have the faint remembrance of warmer times and how Nebraska's weather actually isn't all that bad. 

Crystal Stilts - "Crystal Stilts"
Yes, more fuzzy 60's rock. I love this song and this entire album and been spinning in our house consistently for the past week. In case you were wondering (because I know you were), it is a great album to wash dishes to. 

Jose Gonzalez - "Teardrop"
I've always loved this Massive Attack song, but I have to say I almost like this cover better. It's an incredibly beautiful song full of energy. It's the type of song I would want to wake up and listen to every morning as the sun rises. 

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