Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Jams #30

Happy Saturday! We're off to camp this weekend in honor of our friend G's birthday so this week's jams are diddy's you should play while you're outside enjoying the fresh air, the sound of cicadas and wishing summer would never end. 

Akron/Family -"River"
This song has had my full attention this week. I love how sweet and syncopated it is. When I'm stressed out it's actually oddly calming to be to listen to something that's somewhat complicated like this. And Miles Seaton's gentle voice makes this jam perfect for our weekend camping adventure right before the sun is supposed to set as we light the first fire of the night. 

Passion Pit - "Little Secrets"
This jam is for later in the night after you've had a few to drink and decide to break out in an impromptu dance party. And trust me, it's likely to happen with our group of friends. 

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