Friday, August 16, 2013

Wind Down / Wound Up

We are way excited for this weekend because we are going on a "wild rumpus". OR some might call it G's 2nd Annual Birthday Campout. We are going back to the wild country some call Fremont Lakes to get our camp on. This mostly includes day drinking, eating, crafting, and going to bed and waking up ridiculously early. Oh yeah, and peeing all over the camp site because it is SO dark out there it's impossible to find the restroom. This time we will find the restroom BEFORE it gets dark out. Even though we'll be far, far away (45 minutes), that doesn't mean you all can't have a great weekend in Omaha. As the work week winds down WO+SF and crew are getting wound up for the weekend.

FRIDAY August 16
  • I have always wanted to see Gogol Bordello, I have a feeling it would just be a super fun show. If you're in Omaha you should check this show out.
  • Two very different, but both very interesting, films are opening at Film Streams. Blackfish and Renoir. One is about a killer whale, one is about an amazing painter.
SATURDAY August 17
  • There's kind of only one thing you should be doing today if you're in town: Maha Music Festival.
  • If I weren't camping I would be all over this. You can see the classic film The Sandlot at the lovely Werner Park. Should be a great night for an outdoor movie. 
  • The Bemis Center lets the public take a peak behind closed door at their regular Open Studios day. 
 SUNDAY August 18
  • Salt recently got a pretty good review from the Omaha World Herald. We are dying to try the goat cheese rangoons, and oh yeah, ALL DAY Happy Hour on Sunday.

Stay real, Omaha.

We out.

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